I made a shocking announcement at my dad’s wedding — I had a hateful reaction

I made a shocking announcement at my dad’s wedding — I had a hateful reaction

Something borrowed, something blue — but surely announcing your pregnancy at someone else’s wedding is taboo?

A UK woman has been slammed online after revealing she was expecting a child — on her dad’s big day.

Gabriella Morby was giving a speech at the July 2022 wedding reception for her dad, 61, and his wife, 55, when she announced her news — using a book he read to her as a child and including an ultrasound scan on the first page.

Morby, from Birmingham, then continued her speech, foreshadowing: “Hopefully you’ll see you have reason to read this book again in the not-so-distant future.”

While the tutor and content creator from Birmingham, West Midlands, was thrilled to share the news in front of her father’s nearest and dearest, online trolls accused her of trying to hijack his day.

Man and woman hugging at wedding.
Her stepmom and father said they couldn’t wait to be grandparents.
Olivia Hull / SWNS

Man and woman arms linked.
The new mom, pictured with her dad, said he was thrilled with the announcement.
Olivia Hull / SWNS

Woman with microphone navy blue bridesmaid dress.
Although her family and friends were thrilled, online trolls accused Morby — shown here delivering her speech — of stealing the limelight.
Olivia Hull / SWNS

“[My dad and stepmom] both cried at the time and were so emotional and happy. It was a really special moment, as they had no idea I was going to announce that I was pregnant,” Morby, who gave birth to her son George in January 2023, told South West News Service.

“My dad said he couldn’t stop re-watching the video of the speech and announcement for a few days after the wedding,” she added.

Morby said she was nervous about making the speech and decided to include her pregnancy announcement in it, knowing how much her dad and stepmom wanted to be grandparents.

Man standing in between two women in navy blue dresses.
Morby (left, with her father and sister, who was not identified) said the guests “clapped and cheered” at the news.
Olivia Hull / SWNS

“I, therefore, wanted to announce the news in a special way where they would be surprised and not expect it and also knowing they would be surrounded by their close family and friends to share in the moment of them finding out they were both becoming grandparents,” she explained.

After her speech — which she assured was met with claps and cheers at the reception — Morby posted a clip of it to TikTok, where viewers accused her of “main character syndrome” and “taking the focus off the happy couple.”

Morby says she was “saddened and shocked” by people’s reactions after posting it.

“It’s just a shame my experience has been tainted by some unkind comments on that wedding speech video from people who don’t even follow me and don’t know me,” the new mom admitted.

“People can be so quick to judge someone they don’t know,” she continued. “I’m a big believer in the importance of mental health and wish social media didn’t have a toxic side attached to it.

“The world would be a much happier place if everyone was kind.”


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