Transcribe recorded or live audio with this $50 AI software

Transcribe recorded or live audio with this $50 AI software

TL;DR: Through April 3, you can sign up for a lifetime subscription to the Voicetapp speech-to-text transcription software(Opens in a new tab) for only $49.97 — that’s an extra 15% off the usual sale price.

If you need the subtitles on while streaming movies to fully understand what everyone’s saying, you’ve likely felt this same need arise in other areas of life. You may have been in a meeting or lecture for class and were struggling to comprehend what was being said without also seeing it in text form. Something you could try is Voicetapp’s speech to text transcription to convert virtually any audio to text you can understand(Opens in a new tab). Try it with the best price on the web, just $49.97 (reg. $599) for a lifetime subscription.

Your new AI assistant

Voicetapp is designed to transcribe any audio to text with, their experts claim, up to 99 percent accuracy. The online software uses automatic speech recognition(Opens in a new tab), a form of AI that allows people to communicate with a computer interface in a natural way. Convert voice to text in more than 170 languages and accents from recordings and 12 languages in real-time. The AI also detects punctuation and up to five different speakers in each sample, excellent for work meetings or podcast transcripts.

Transcribe text on any browser(Opens in a new tab) by uploading an MP3, OOG, MP4, WEBM, FLAC, or WAV file or have the AI listen to speech in real time. Use 12 hours of transcriptions when you are new to the software and then receive 5 hours of audio each month for the rest of your life.

You could use Voicetapp during your next meeting or live lecture to give you a physical transcript of everything said. This can be helpful in preparing minutes, completing projects, note taking, deepening your understanding, and more. 

Changing the content creation game

Online content creators and business owners may find additional use in Voicetapp with included commercial use permissions. Feel free to use the software to generate text or subtitles for your podcast, videos, and anything else you can come up with. 

Enjoy enhancing personal, professional, or creative products for years to come with lifetime access. With a little help from AI, you can bring the power of subtitles with you anywhere you go.

Convert any audio to text with Voicetapp Speech to Text Transcription(Opens in a new tab) for just $49.97 (reg. $599), no coupon needed. This price drop will only last through April 3 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

Prices subject to change.

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