April 2023 horoscopes brings your zodiac sign revolution and revelation

April 2023 horoscopes brings your zodiac sign revolution and revelation

Happy April star seeds!

We’re in the thick of Aries season and the flush of spring; the astro weather is shiny, recalling fresh cut grass, chirping birds, new car smells, first blood and flower buds.

What a time to be alive, folks.

Now that dark lord Pluto has swished his villain cape into Aquarius for the first time since the 1700’s, the greater focus is on revolution, revelation and restructuring.

The month begins with a Pink Moon (cue the Nick Drake) in Libra culminating just after midnight on April 6. The pinnacle of the month is the new moon total solar eclipse in Aries on April 20th, the first solar eclipse of 2023 and a high shine opportunity to get right with our aspirations and intentions for the year to come.

Mercury goes retrograde (dun dun dun) on April 21st where it will backspin until May 15. No need to panic, just cross your I’s, dot your T’s, reread anything you might share and/or sign your name on, don’t f–k your ex and you will be good as gold.

Towards the end of the month Mars, planet of conflict, copulation and cardio, forms a square with Chiron, the wounded healer and champion of busted stitches and ancient aches, making everyone a little tender in the heart meat.

Blessed be thy bulls when Taurus season begins on April 20. Taurus is the happy hedonist of the zodiac, bucolic as a bong hit and hungry as the aftermath. The general vibe of this time of year is best embodied by Russel Crowe as Zeus in the latest installment of Thor, “You are safe, so chill baby cake, have some wine, have some grapes, anything goes here.”

Russel Crowe
Russel Crowe as Taurus energy incarnate.
Marvel Studios/Disney

Apropos of the sun moving into Taurus, a sign that self soothes through beauty and rules the throat chakra, April is National Poetry month. Read one, write one, sniff the roses, eat the air and roll in the warm dirt of living.

Happy solar return my fire babies. After the start of a new astrological year last month and a new moon solar eclipse in your sign this month, you should be feeling reborn; like a freshly shed snake and or a bleary eyed infant. I ask you to surrender the idea that you must be first, funny or the best in order to be loved. You are, at this moment, pure potential. Spend it well.

Mercury moves into and then rudely retrogrades in your sign this month, Taurus. When this planet slows it signifies a time for you to follow suit, paying close attention to the quality of your thoughts, the higher purpose of your words and the prophetic nature of the story you tell yourself about yourself. As you begin what I hope will be a radical, resplendent rewrite I bring you the words of poet Alex Elle: “Who taught you to unlove yourself so sweetly that you actually thought it tasted good?”

April’s full moon in Libra lights up your fifth house of fun, creativity and pleasure, Gemini encouraging you to allow yourself to be seen so that you might be rightly celebrated. When Venus, planet of love and attraction moves into your sign on the 11th your animal magnetism will be at its howling peak, but with fans, friends and flatterers flocking, be discerning about who you let in, and loose with. Look for fortification rather than frivolity in the company you keep, warm bread not hot air, my babies.

Activating, aggressive leaning planet Mars is in your sign all month, Cancer. Yours is not a place the god of war loves to be, the feeling is akin to a dream in which you are boxing or otherwise defending yourself but none of your punches land. My advice for you is to use this energy of inefficacy to your advantage; question what you’re fighting for, literally and metaphorically, professionally and personally. Where and when do you feel sure? I offer you the words and wisdom of Emily Dickinson,

“To be alive is Power Existence in itself Without a further function Omnipotence Enough”

friends celebrating
April’s full moon in Libra lights up Gemini’s fifth house of fun, creativity and pleasure.

The sun in a fellow fire sign is throwing light on the section of your chart concerned with mind expansion and journey taking, Leo. This energy is doubled during the new moon eclipse on the 20th which could bring with it a fated, fantastic shift in the way you move through the world and find your place within it. Communion with others and diplomacy for the sake of a common cause are themes for you this month. I leave you with a kind of call of the wild courtesy of the poet A.R. Ammons:

“West light flat on trees: 
bird flying 
deep out in blue glass: 
uncertain wind 
stirring the leaves: this is 
the world we have: 
take it”

Roll the dice and revel in the risk during the first half of April Virgo, but pull back the reigns and lean into restraint when Mercury, your ruling, trash talking, quick footed muse goes retrograde on April 21. This planetary sluggishness may have you revisiting loose ends, unfinished financial affairs and cliffhanger conversations. Do your work and button up your business so that you might ride the infernal wave of the astrological new year to victory. Valhalla, baby.

The full moon in your sign is calling you to cull something, Libra. It is possible to love what limits us and in your case, that often looks like deference to others and denial of the self. In the wise words and perfect prose of Ida Banks: When we make decisions based on what someone else will think or feel or say, we will always live somewhere between resentment and regret.” It is my hope that this month you will root yourself somewhere firmly beyond both.

two people rolling dice
Roll the dice and revel in the risk during the first half of April Virgo.

Great news for you Scorpio, April looks like a reprieve from oppressive feels. In fact, spring sees you surging with creative vitality, mainlining the muse and cracking open the color wheel. In honor of your renaissance, of the clearing of cobwebs and the coaxing of all that you might yet make, I bring you the poem “Yoshi’s House” by Stephen Sexton:

“May this unhaunted house be yours and may it be happy and bright. May the creak in the rafters be a sparrow returning to nest after all these years and before the many more I step aside. And if you find some day dear friend my sad head upon your shoulders go out into the world say world it’s been so long say world hello.”

You’re a champion of change Sagittarius but often times you ‘go’ without considering the impetus or effect of your momentum. Mars in Cancer and a full moon in Libra this month are here to illustrate that action without reflection is a change of pace but not life state. To aid you in your contemplation of stillness and true north, Ha Jin’s poem “A Center:”

“You must hold your quiet center where you do what only you can do If others call you a maniac or a fool just let them wag their tongues If some praise your perseverance,  don’t feel too happy about it— only solitude is a lasting friend.

You must hold your distant center Don’t move even if earth and heaven quake If others think you are insignificant, that’s because you haven’t held on long enough As long as you stay put year after year, eventually you will find a world beginning to revolve around you.” 

Shutterstock 675883894
Ride the lightning, Aquarius. With Pluto, planet of radical transformation returning to your sign after a two hundred year absence and Saturn you’re a whole new you.

New year, new sea goat. Death daddy Pluto has at long last moved into Aquarius and loosened his leather clad grip on you, Capricorn. My hope is that you feel free as a bird and open as a book to all people and possibilities and that you are less inclined to fret, hoard, or otherwise emotionally relate to finances. As the gravel voiced saint Tom Waits reminds us, “Money’s just something you throw off the back of a train.” I hope this month sees you pay more mind to where the train of your life is headed; what the engine is burning, what the tracks are made of and who it is carrying than to what it costs to keep the wheels greased.

Ride the lightning, Aquarius. With Pluto, planet of radical transformation returning to your sign after a two hundred year absence and Saturn, your ruling planet swimming in the hallucinatory bath waters of Pisces, you’re a whole new you. Saturn is moving through your second house of values calling you to consider what is essential to you and about you. In celebration of this, the poem “Home” by Karuna Ezara Parikh.

“It took me a long time
to come into my own,
but now that I’m here
I plan to inhabit me completely.

I plan to eat all the lotuses
turn myself into royalty
learn to cartwheel so that
I may conquer the world
and all its islands upside down.

I plan to watch seven hundred
and thirty sunrises and sets.

Dine on rosebuds and
in place of long legs grow a tail
swish sadness away
like a swallow or mermaid
or some wild winged thing,
and I will float as opposed to walk,
illegal as it may be.


I plan to feel the earth in my bones,
tend difficult Gondhoraj till it thrives
at the swinging altar of my knees,
comb my hair with shark fishbone,
and drink honey straight from
the mouths of bees.

It’s time. I’m ready.

a woman reading a book
Capricorn, feel free as a bird and open as a book to all people and possibilities and that you are less inclined to fret, hoard, or otherwise emotionally relate to finances

Both Neptune, your dreamy ruling luminary and Saturn, buzzkill dad planet are swimming in your sign this month, Pisces. While the energy of these two planets may seem oppositional, they can in fact work with and for each other. Without imagination, Saturn is an Orwellian task master/number cruncher and without structure, Neptune is blacked out in a stranger’s baby pool. Let one feed the other and both fuel you in the month ahead, Pisces. In honor of this synergy I leave you with the poem, “To Be Alive,” by Gregory Orr:

“To be alive: not just the carcass
But the spark.
That’s crudely put, but…
If we’re not supposed to dance,
Why all this music?” 

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