Molly Qerim exposes Chris Russo’s insane ‘First Take’ notes

Molly Qerim exposes Chris Russo’s insane ‘First Take’ notes

Future anthropologists will be fascinated by the manic notes left by Chris “Mad Dog” Russo.

Russo had his weekly appearance on ESPN’s “First Take” on Wednesday, and host Molly Qerim fulfilled a promise to share Russo’s show notes.

What Qerim revealed was a remarkable combination of bubbles, numbers, single words or abbreviations and line items that are hardly differentiable from scribbles.

Aside from various NFL teams or divisions being written and circled, one of the few items we can discern from the notes is the 0-150 stat, meaning what has been the result every time an NBA team is down 3-0 in a best-of-seven playoff series.

Dan Orlovsky, who often appears with Russo on the show, laughed in response to Qerim’s post, observing, “38 [is] circled on there like 6 times.”

Chris Russo's notes are a beautiful mess.
Chris Russo’s notes are a beautiful mess.
Twitter / Molly Qerim

Chris Russo was apoplectic about Amazon's 'Thursday Night Football' flex scheduling.
Chris Russo was apoplectic about Amazon’s ‘Thursday Night Football’ flex scheduling.

Josh Gropper, a media talent agent for Napoli Management Group, was impressed.

“Put this in a museum,” he tweeted.

One Twitter user, Al Butler, quipped, “This is exactly what I hear when I watch.”

Bad handwriting has been associated with independent thinking, intelligence, creativity and eccentricity, all traits that are held by the Mad Dog.

In his weekly segment about what he’s mad about on Wednesday, Russo riffed on NFL agreeing to flex scheduling for Amazon’s “Thursday Night Football” package.

“What after happened to Sunday at 1 in the NFL?” Russo asked. “I love Herbstreit too! Al Michaels is going to the Hall of Fame! But now we have to flex the Amazon on Thursday Night Football? We gave them Black Friday with the Jets and Miami! We gave them that!

“You took $150 million in more money. Now we’ve got to throw Amazon a bone and flex that Thursday night matchup between Weeks 13 and 17? While the poor fan who had the ticket for Sunday at 1 o’clock finds out four days beforehand [note: these decisions will get made 28 days in advance] sorry! The Giants have moved to Thursday!

“Sunday! 1 o’clock! Play normal football!”

The Post reported in March that Russo signed an extension with ESPN to continue his weekly “First Take” appearances.

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