Fans Flame Kyle Richards For “Obvious” Photoshop Fail, Forcing ‘RHOBH’ Star to Delete Instagram Post: “How Did She Not Realize?”

Fans Flame Kyle Richards For “Obvious” Photoshop Fail, Forcing ‘RHOBH’ Star to Delete Instagram Post: “How Did She Not Realize?”

kyle richards

Kyle Richards, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was forced to delete a post from her Instagram page after fans called her out for what appeared to be poor photoshopping.

The photo — which, as of Monday, is still posted on Facebook — showed Richards and Hermés executive Michael Coste in Paris. However, the top of the reality star’s arm and sleeve of her shirt are awkwardly blurred as if the editing software had difficulty deciphering her arm from the beige background.

“When in Paris my first stop is always to @michaelcostefr 🧡 Until next time 😘 And I am on my tippy toes thinking an inch and a half may make the world of difference in this photo. At 5’2” you do what you gotta do 😁,” she captioned the picture.

Coste shared the same photo — except the one he posted had no blurry blemishes.

While the Halloween star has not addressed the apparent Photoshop fail — nor has she disclosed why she deleted the photo from her Instagram — fans took to the comments section on Facebook to point out the “obvious” mishap.

“Kyle this is photoshopped wth,” one wrote, while another added, “Whew bad photoshop arm looks crazy.”

A third person commented, “Ouch, bad photoshop on your arm. Like why? It’s just an arm. We all have them,” before someone else said, “The filter gone wrong! 😬”

“A glitch in the matrix 🧐,” a fifth user joked, while another asked, “Why would she post this 😩 it’s so obvious how did she not realize lol.”

Richards has been making plenty of headlines since news broke that she and her longtime husband, Mauricio Umansky, had reportedly split up earlier this summer — something they both denied in a lengthy statement. Still, fans are convinced the actress is involved in a fling with 28-year-old country singer, Morgan Wade — especially after she recently starred as Wade’s love interest in her steamy music video.

While we wait to watch it all unfold on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13, you can catch up on the first 12 seasons, which are currently streaming on Peacock.

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