Google Workspace Gets New AI Features video     – CNET

Google Workspace Gets New AI Features video – CNET

Google Workspace Gets New AI Features


Speaker 1: We’re working on enhancing duet so that we can go from a prompt based interaction to a much richer contextual interaction. Duet takes into account what you’re working on, whether it’s an email, a document, a spreadsheet, meetings, and offers you proactive help, like generating summaries or suggesting creative ideas and soon even taking action on your behalf. [00:00:30] Let me show you what I mean with Tony’s help. Hey, Tony.

Speaker 2: Hey, Aparna.

Speaker 1: Tony, how about we demo a common marketing use case, writing a creative brief. The brief typically pulls together customer specific information like your company’s brand guidelines, product information, target markets, and usually this [00:01:00] is a multi-step, multi-day effort because you first need to pull together all this information before you can add your unique insights. Tony, do you want to show us how DUET shortens this process?

Speaker 2: Absolutely. Okay, so we’ll begin right here in Drive where I’ll select a prior brief as a starting point. How about this one Project buddy? And from here I’ll just open the duet sidebar and I can already see a suggestion to use this selected file as a template. So I’ll go ahead and click that suggestion, use this template. [00:01:30] Now duet just needs to know what kind of document we’re trying to create. In this case, it’s for a new line of pet toys called Project Eco Pause Brief. Okay. Now in the background duet is looking across my drive, finding all the relevant information about Project Eco Pause and combining it with the template. We just like to create this brand new presentation that’s been generated right before us, and I can even see it is found in reference sources across my drive. [00:02:00] There’s a Google Doc. There’s a Google Sheet. Why don’t we go ahead and click it, see what we got back, and

Speaker 1: That’s there. It is amazing. It’s absolutely brilliant. This deck looks really polished. It’s got the right content inserted, relevant images, and ooh, even brought in charts from the right Google Sheet.

Speaker 2: [00:02:30] It is a great start, but we’re not quite done. I know we want to market these toys to Gen Z, so we’re going to go ahead and have duet help us with that. I’ll start by clicking this add a slide suggestion, and then we’ll just ask Duet to identify trends to incorporate in the brief for Gen Z by typing Gen Z consumer trends, and now we’re using our Palm two model and all of its base knowledge about Gen Z plus the contents of this generated deck to put together this [00:03:00] brand new generated slide, understanding Gen Z. I’ll go ahead and just click insert. Boom, there it is. And now we’ve got a great point from which we can continue to find Aparna. How about that?

Speaker 1: I absolutely love it. That was really remarkable. I really loved how DUET made conceptual suggestions. It’s quite mind blowing actually. So scenario two meetings, we’ve all presented in meetings and [00:03:30] know how overwhelming it can be. You have to come across as professional and engaging, sometimes even take notes. Duet. Scott, you covered. First, you can present with confidence with our brand new real-time teleprompter in Google Meet. It follows your voice as you read your speaker notes. And a realtime speech recognition system keeps up with you even if you jump ahead or reword notes on the fly. [00:04:00] As for notes, duet is automatically capturing notes, action items and video snippets to share with all the attendees at the end of the call. But what if you’re an attendee and not a presenter, Tony?

Speaker 2: Yeah, as an attendee, your focus should really be on understanding the content and keeping up with the conversation. This could be especially challenging if you’re not fluent in the presenter’s language. With Duet, we can automatically detect and translate over [00:04:30] 300 language pairs providing real time captions for the viewers. And that’s not all. Say you join the meeting late and let’s be honest, who doesn’t join meeting late? Occasionally, duet provides an interactive catch me up mode complete with a summary of everything you’ve missed before joining the meeting. And that is not all, if you can even ask it, follow up questions like, let’s see here, what’s been said about Gen Z and in just a second, I’m feeling fully caught up in everything [00:05:00] that I missed. Isn’t that amazing?

Speaker 1: That really is amazing.

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