Idiot Protester Halts US Open Semi by Gluing Bare Feet to the Ground

Idiot Protester Halts US Open Semi by Gluing Bare Feet to the Ground

Three protesters derailed the US Open semi-final between American sensation Coco Gauff and her Czech opponent Karolina Muchova on Thursday night, at one point prompting a frustrated crowd to chant “kick them out.”

The protesters, who had environmental messages written on their shirts, started shouting from the bleachers in the middle of the first game of the second set. Security officials removed two of them promptly but the situation dragged on as the third protester refused to budge and NYPD officers were called in.

U.S. Tennis Association chief executive Stacey Allaster told ESPN that third protester had “physically glued themselves in their bare feet to the cement floor.”

“There’s no doubt in a 24,000-seat stadium people get ideas. We know environmental protestors use the platform (of events like this). Certainly security will be resuming – along with law enforcement – to see what we can do to prevent it in the future.”

A statement from the Tennis Association later confirmed 49 minutes elapsed before play resumed and that the protester had glued themselves to “the floor of the seating bowl.” All have since been taken into NYPD custody.

ESPN’s courtside microphones picked up Gauff, who had won the first set, complaining to her coaches. “They said they’re on the phone negotiating… like this is a hostage situation,” she fumed.

With the chaos still not resolved after 20 minutes, Gauff and Muchova left the court shortly before 8:30 p.m. Play resumed when the man was finally removed after about 45 minutes.

Gauff eventually took home the win in straight sets 6-4, 7-5, becoming the youngest American finalist to make it to a U.S. Open final since Serena Williams.

“I grew up watching this tournament so much, so it means a lot to be in the final. But the job is not done,” Gauff said after the match, referencing the Saturday final.

Gauff also sent a message to fellow star Naomi Osaka, who was watching the spectacle from the stands.

“I didn’t notice she was sitting here til now,” Gauff said. “Thanks for coming. Naomi, I remember the moment we had on this court 3 years ago. It meant a lot to me. So excited to have you back on tour.. Hopefully I get to meet your daughter…and hi to your mom, too.”

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