Keith Olbermann trolls Aaron Rodgers over Achilles injury: ‘Failure to vaccinate’

Keith Olbermann trolls Aaron Rodgers over Achilles injury: ‘Failure to vaccinate’

Keith Olbermann has identified the reason for Aaron Rodgers’ torn Achilles tendon: his vaccine status.

Olbermann, the former ESPN anchor, decided to mock the Jets quarterback’s injury after watching the four-time NFL MVP go down just four snaps into the regular season.

“Another #SuddenLisfranc due to failure to vaccinate,” Olbermann posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, alongside six needle emojis.

Olbermann’s post was a reference to how Rodgers found himself in the middle of a vaccine controversy in 2021 when he said he was “immunized” but then later tested positive for COVID-19, and he later said he was not vaccinated against the virus.

Rodgers said he was allergic to some of the ingredients in the COVID vaccine and chose to have an alternative holistic treatment instead.

Rodgers also said that he was not an “anti-vaxxer” but wanted to “make the best choice for my body.”

TV Personality Keith Olbermann poses for a photo.
Keith Olbermann mocked Aaron Rodgers after his torn Achilles tendon injury Monday.
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When the news was confirmed Tuesday that Rodgers would miss the rest of the season with a torn Achilles tendon, the team posted a message on X: “Not the way any of us wanted it to go, but we know the commitment you’ve made to this team will continue to impact us moving forward. Get well soon, @AaronRodgers12.”

Not missing an opportunity to once again make his point, Olbermann responded, “Define ‘any.’”

He also enjoyed a post by Ari Meirov, who posted the electric atmosphere at MetLife Stadium when Rodgers ran onto the field holding the American flag before the start of Week 1.

Aaron Rodgers #8 of the New York Jets is helped off the field.
Aaron Rodgers will miss the rest of the season with a torn Achilles tendon.
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Olbermann had three different stints at ESPN, but these days, he focuses on “Countdown with Keith Olbermann,” his news and commentary podcast.

As for Rodgers, his vaccine stance returned to the headlines last week when he attended the U.S. Open and shared his support for eventual champion Novak Djokovic by posting a photo on his Instagram Story with the hashtag #novaxdjokovic and crossing out a Moderna advertisement.

“I took that photo and then realized that there was a little Moderna sign in the background,” Rodgers later explained. “Novak is one of the most fit athletes in the world and I think that anybody looking at the situation realizes how ridiculous it was to not allow him into the country with [his] level of fitness and the way he takes care of his body.

“Like him, I care about health, and I was just having a little bit of fun with it.”

Instagram Story screenshot from Aaron Rodgers.
Aaron Rodgers appears to praise Novak Djokovic’s for not being vaccinated against COVID-19 in an Instagram Story.
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Djokovic took a stance against getting the COVID vaccine and missed last year’s U.S. Open due to a mandate that required non-U.S. citizens to be vaccinated to enter the country.

Without facing any such requirement this year, Djokovic returned to the U.S. Open and walked away with his 24th Grand Slam singles title.

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