The Best Luggage for All Kinds of Trips and All Types of Travelers—Including Kids

The Best Luggage for All Kinds of Trips and All Types of Travelers—Including Kids

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Your luggage is the first and last thing you will touch when you travel. That week-long vacation, weekend getaway, or overnight work trip starts when you grab your bags before packing and ends when you finally tuck the suitcases back in the closet or under the bed. Between those two times, your luggage lets you bring along everything you want and need while away from home (except for the deodorant you forgot—it’s probably sitting on the sink).

What you bring along on your trip depends on where you’re going, what you’ll be doing there, and how what kind of packer you are—and that will shape the type of luggage you travel with. Are you a pack light and wear the same shoes for all occasions sort of traveler? Or will you change your shoes three times before lunch? Do you pre-plan every outfit or do you bring enough clothing along for a hotel room fashion show before each outing? Will you have a Kindle along for recreation or are you packing three hardcover books, a puzzle, a Bluetooth speaker, board games, and a DSLR camera?

You may also be a carry-on-only type of travel thanks to being burned by airlines and losing your suitcase one too many times (or even just once—that’s all it takes, really.) On the other hand, you may the type who just can’t be bothered by having to tote around your belongings through the airport—especially if you travel solo often.

Any way you like to roll when you’re rolling, we’ve got you covered with some of our favorite luggage that have earned Scouted’s seal of approval in 2023. Scroll through below to find out the best luggage for you and your next trip away from home.

July Carry On Pro

If you’re only going to have one carry-on sized rollaboard in your life, make it the Carry On Pro from July. Here are five reasons why this suitcase, that comes in multiple colors, will please just about any type of traveler. One, it has an almost indestructible polycarbonate shell that stand up to even the most savage mistreatment by baggage handlers. Two, it has a snap-on, snap-off sleeve sized perfectly for your laptop, so you don’t need to unzip any compartments when you need to grab your computer. Three, it has a removable rechargeable battery, so it’s a mobile power bank. Four, it has smooth, quiet wheels, an adjustable handle with 20 different height settings, and a TSA-compliant lock. And five, it’s ridiculously good-looking and can even be personalized for just $50 extra.

Solgaard carry on closet uodsr1

Solgaard Carry-On Closet

If we’re being honest here, there’s nothing all that remarkable about the Carry-On Closet suitcase exterior. Sure, it’s lightweight, its polycarbonate shell is tough, its wheels roll smoothly and responsively, and it has a battery and USB charging port, but so many other suitcases do all of that these days. What sets this one apart is what’s inside it: a six-shelf organization system that lets you pack a lot in and access your stuff with amazing ease.

The “shelves” are effectively connected packing cubes that can be cinched together close to save space and then hung once you arrive, either from a bar or just from the handle of the bag, creating a pop-up closet that gives you quick and easy (and organized) access to all your clothing and sundries. If time is going to be a factor on that next trip, plan ahead and pack well in this bag and you’ll be thanking yourself instead of rushing and stressing when you arrive. This is also a smaller-sized carry-on, so it’s suitable for all International airlines, according to the brand.

Away the bigger suitcase ccflm9

Away The Bigger Carry-On

The Bigger Carry-On suitcase from Away is a good suitcase by all measures. It features a tough but lightweight shell, internal compression straps, smooth 360-degree wheels, and it comes with a laundry bag. Now, to be sure, that same description could be applied to rollaboard suitcases from lots of brands, so what’s special about this one? The ease of packing and organization you’ll enjoy when you also get a set ofAway’s Insider Packin Cubes.

These water-resistant packs let you easily grab what you need when you need it without having to dig through or unpack your entire suitcase, meaning an overall easier travel experience. And a cleaner, one, too. Tuck those into this larger but still carry-on-sized suitcase and you’ll be ready to roll for a trip lasting up to a week.

Roam luggage bzpqa5

Roam Luggage Expandable Carry-On

With a suitcase from Roam, there’s basically zero chance you’ll ever again look at the luggage carousel and think: “Wait, is that my bag?” Roam allows you to custom design your very own carry-on, which is fun but also functional. Among the myriad design elements you can personalize are the overall color of the suitcase, the color of the wheels, zippers, and handles, you can add a monogram, select a lining, and more. Your suitcase becomes not just a vehicle for carrying your stuff, but a way for you to express yourself.

Troubourdor Orbis Carry on auihgj

Troubadour Orbis Duffle

This stylish duffle bag has 12 pockets in total, so you’ll be as well-organized as can be on your travels. It’s an ideal choice for a quick business trip—it has room for a laptop, a few briefs, a change of clothes, toiletries, a water bottle, and more. The Orbis Duffle can be slid onto the handle of a rolling suitcase for ease of carry or carried itself by a pair of handles or a shoulder strap. And by the way, this bag is made from recycled polyester and is itself 100 percent recyclable, so it’s a zero-waste piece of hardware.

Bee & Kin The Expert Leather Carryall

The is a perfect bag for the jetsetter. It’s small enough to count as a personal item and to easily perch atop your rolling suitcase, yet it’s large enough for your wallet, water bottle, phone, snacks, a book, a tablet (or even a laptop), sunglasses, a hat, and other essentials.

The bag’s unique built-in LED lights illuminate the Carryall Tote’s interior, letting you see find what you’re looking for even in the darkness of a plane’s cabin or backseat of a taxi at night, while a Bluetooth enabled “Smart Button” hidden in the lining of the bag can be programmed to a range of operations, like opening a garage door or turning on a light in your home.

Cotopaxi Allpa Travel Pack

Organization meets fashion in the . These backpacks have multiple zippered mesh pockets within, so you can keep all your gear and apparel sorted and separated, while an easy-access upper pocket keeps your phone, sunglasses, and some snacks close a hand.

There’s also a separate zippered sleeve for laptops and/or tablets, and the Allpa comes with a rain cover that can be popped on to keep things like those dry. With careful curation, you can carry enough stuff in this backpack for a two or three-day trip, and the pack is comfortable enough for use hiking but stylish enough for everyday city use.

Screenshot 2023 09 11 at 8.05

JetKids by Stokke Ride-On Suitcase & Bed

This kid’s ride-on suitcase is large enough to pack most everything your kid will need for a multi-day trip. Its hard walls protect everything within while also creating a strong enough piece of hardware for a kid to sit or even ride on when their legs get tired. And the Jetkids suitcase is the perfect size to rest in front of an airplane seat, creating a footrest that lets kids stretch out and relax when in flight. It also features a small fold-out bed for comfy in-flight naps.

State bags kids suitcase sowntf

State Bags Logan Kid’s Suitcase

This kids is a perfect mix of fashionable fun and informed design. Sure, those bright colors and playful patterns will catch the eye (of your kids), but what will hold the attention are things like a front panel that zips open to reveal mesh pockets perfect for organizing pens, toys, snacks, a phone, and more. Inside, the bag has enough room to pack for a multi-day trip, while a pair of external straps can secure a water bottle, umbrella, a rolled-up jacket, and more.


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