‘Pawn Stars’ Corey Harrison Speaks Out Following Arrest For Alleged DUI: “The Test Is Meant For You To Fail”

Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, best known for his appearances on Pawn Stars, is ready to “fight back” after getting arrested for an alleged DUI in Las Vegas.

The History Channel star was pulled over early Friday morning (Sept. 8) after he was allegedly seen swerving into a bike lane, according to a police report obtained by Entertainment Weekly. The officer reported that Harrison’s eyes seemed “bloodshot” and that there was “a strong odor of alcohol” coming from inside his pickup truck.

Harrison later told TMZ that he had just flown to Vegas from Minnesota, where he was filming Pawn Stars Do America. When the cop asked if he was drinking, he said he had consumed one drink on his flight, seven hours prior to getting pulled over.

According to Harrison, he was then propositioned to take a field sobriety test, which the officer said he had failed. When Harrison asked to take a breathalyzer, the cop allegedly told him it was broken.

“I’m like, you’re giving me a field sobriety test? How about, give me a breathalyzer and let’s cut the [BS] out,” Harrison told the Las Vegas Review Journal. “[The officer] said it was broken. But I’m like, amongst the four police officers that were here, there wasn’t one breathalyzer? After pulling me over suspecting I’ve been drinking? I would have definitely called for a vehicle with one.”

Corey Harrison
Photo: Getty Images

Following the field sobriety test — which he alleged is “meant for you to fail, no matter what” — he was handcuffed and brought to the police station, where he had to take a blood test. The results, however, have not been made public.

Harrison —  whose license was not suspended as a result of the incident —  was released eight hours later. He later revealed that he plans to hire a Vegas-based attorney to help him fight the charge.

“I’m not going to say, ‘[Screw] Metro! Drinking and driving should be legal!’” he said. “I’m not trying to be that guy. But I’m the guy who, when I get punched in the face, I am going to fight back.”


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