I’m a mechanic with 20 years’ experience… why your car’s warning lights could be acting crazy for no obvious reason

I’m a mechanic with 20 years’ experience… why your car’s warning lights could be acting crazy for no obvious reason

A MECHANIC with 20 years of experience has revealed how to fix your car’s warning lights.

The motors expert took to social media to explain how to solve the problem without splashing cash on expensive repairs.

The mechanic revealed how to fix your warning lights
The mechanic revealed how to fix your warning lightsCredit: YouTube
He claims the easy fix can save you expensive repairs
He claims the easy fix can save you expensive repairsCredit: YouTube

The cars pro shared the genius tip on a 15-minute video on his YouTube account with nearly a million followers.

On the clip he revealed the money-saving tip to check the lights on your vehicle that could save you hundreds.

Influencer Car Wizard tested the tip on a 2005 Toyota highlander and said the vehicle had “three warning lights for just one problem”.

He said: “It doesn’t have any major issues but it has a lot of warning lights on and we are going to find out why.”

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“With a car like this you don’t want to dump a bunch of money into it sometimes you just want to keep it rolling.”

The car appears to have some scratches and a hanging broken plate – which he said it’s “up to the customer to take car of”.

He opens the hood to check the inside of the vehicle to find the issue behind the warning lights.

Chcking the 3.3 V6 engine, he advises drivers to take off the radiator cap and shows the inside to the camera.

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He said: “You can see it’s not even holding pressure anymore that’s why all this pink antifreeze stain is here.”

He turned on the vehicle and shows the camera all the three lights flashing at the same time – including VCS, the engine and the seat belt.

“The actual issue has nothing to do with ABS at all or the traction control or the VSC system.

“What we found is very expensive and whenever I see these codes I’m about to show you my heart sinks,” he explained.

He then shows his monitoring screen and reveals the real issue behind the flashing lights.

Both catalyst systems in the vehicle were failing with errors in the whole system.

He then proceeds to show the device to the camera and said: “You can’t really replace one, you have to replace the entire unit.

“That’s why they’re expensive. But in a couple of hours you can have this out and back.”

After turning off the seat belt light he goes on to confirm that nothing is loose under the rusty car – including the drive shaft and the fuel tank.

He said:”I’m going to fix the air conditioning issue and I’m just going to throw that in with the catalytic converter and not charge them any extra.”

“It’s not going to be too big of a deal as catalytic converters just like I said it’s just a couple of hours to do the front and a four more to do the back one.”

He added: “All in all there is nothing majorly wrong with this Highlander. These cars are legendary.”

The video has now gone viral with thousands of views and nearly 5,000 likes.

Users flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts.

One said: I drove a 2002 Highlander for almost 20 years and it loved it! The size and the v6 was a great combo.

“Yes it is tough to work on that engine but I drove mine for nearly 100,000 miles problem free other than brakes.

“Even when you do have to remove the intake there are a few tricks and it is fairly straight forward not hard.”


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Another said: “My corolla was acting like it was the end of the world at 180k, with a BMW style instrument cluster.

“I went to the junkyard and got a purge solenoid for $5 and about 30 seconds of time replacing it and car was fine.”


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