UK trails China in electric vehicle revolution

UK trails China in electric vehicle revolution

The UK has been ranked fifth in the world for its preparation in the electric vehicle transition – but still falls far behind China.

China topped the list in an index by Ernst & Young, followed by Norway, the US and Sweden.

The index analyses initiatives, targets and strategies focused around facilitating a smooth and efficient EV transition.

But despite its fifth place, the UK’s ranking for the supply of electric cars and regulation around them both fell year-on-year, EY said.

It comes as concerns continue to mount about Britain’s ability to the meet its planned 2030 ban of petrol cars, as well as its inability to keep up with Chinese counterparts.

UK EV sales are expected to grow by 36 per cent year-on-year in 2023, which lags behind the average projected growth rate of 64 per cent across the top 20 markets.

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