Breathe More Easily and Take $150 Off This Shark Air Purifier     – CNET

Breathe More Easily and Take $150 Off This Shark Air Purifier – CNET

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Breathing in dirty and stale air is no fun and there are plenty of air purifiers to choose from. Shark is a brand that you might be familiar with, but did you know that it doesn’t just make cordless vacuums? The Shark Air Purifier 4 is one of the better-looking air purifiers we’ve seen, although at $350 it isn’t cheap. Thankfully, Best Buy isn’t selling it for anywhere near that price.

In fact, if you order your new Air Purifier 4 right now you’ll pay just $200, a price that represents a big $150 off the original price. You don’t need to do anything other than place the order before the deal comes to an end, either. Even better, thanks to Best Buy’s extended holiday return period, you have until Jan. 13 to return it should the need arise.

In terms of features, the Shark Air Purifier isn’t short. It packs four high-speed micro fans that work together to evenly distribute airflow across the built-in filter, all while running nice and quiet in the process. Something called Clean Sense IQ also automatically adjusts the power to maintain clean air in the home, with a display showing the current situation.

Shark’s NANOSEAL filter captures 99.98% of large, small and micro-sized particles and the unit is rated to purify air in a space of up to 1,000 square feet. You’ll also get a remote thrown in to help you control matters without having to go to the unit, too.

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