Dead Space 3 story producer would “throw away and rewrite” the entire main plot, apart from its lore

Dead Space 3 story producer would “throw away and rewrite” the entire main plot, apart from its lore

Dead Space 3’s story producer, Chuck Beaver, has revealed that if it was possible, he’d want to “redo the entire main story” of the controversial third main entry in EA’s iconic horror franchise. 

As PCGamesN reports, Beaver – who no longer works at EA, and is now a principal narrative designer at Scopely – spoke about the series in an interview with CaptainBribo on YouTube. He expressed that while he’d want to keep Dead Space 3’s lore intact, he’d otherwise want to “start from complete scratch”. 

“Now in this remake territory I would redo Dead Space 3 almost completely… I would keep the lore beat that it’s predicated on, keep the lore you find out, I would have Ellie there but a [sic] different relationship… I would redo the entire main story,” he said. “I would just throw away and rewrite, with what we’ve talked about.”

Explaining his ideas, Beaver stated that he’d completely remove the love triangle between Isaac, Ellie and Robert, and would instead focus on the adventures of “broken Isaac” from the end of Dead Space 2. “He tried to do [sic] the truth, it broke him. Now we’re in the consequences of him being broken,” he elaborated.

Of course, this isn’t confirmation that a Dead Space 3 rewrite will ever happen. Earlier this year, the remake of the original 2008 Dead Space game was released on PC and current-gen consoles, and although everything looks much shinier (and even more horrifying) than ever before, it’s a very faithful remake overall. At the time of writing, EA hasn’t confirmed if it plans to remake the rest of the series. 

In TechRadar Gaming’s review of Dead Space (2023), we gave the game five out of five stars, and wrote: “The bones of the Dead Space remake may be over 15 years old, but you wouldn’t know that from playing it – its survival horror is thoroughly modern thanks to clever design tweaks, high-fidelity art, and smart use of the PS5’s controller.”

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