Lords of the Fallen patch features over 100 fixes, buffs bosses, and refines AI behavior

Lords of the Fallen patch features over 100 fixes, buffs bosses, and refines AI behavior

Lords of the Fallen has received a new patch that features over 100 enhancements, fixes, and tweaks.

Update v.1.1.282 is now live on PS5Xbox Series X|S, and PC and it’s a big one, with the majority of its contents aimed at addressing stability and performance, crashing, and other bug fixes.

The patch has also added some extra save game safeguards made improvements to cooperative play, made PvP more diverse, and added some much-needed balancing changes. 

Perhaps the most notable feature of the update is the focus on boss changes, some of which players were calling too easy. Well, Hexworks Studios seems to have taken the feedback in stride and made a bunch of them more challenging, including Sanctified Huntress, Griefbound, the Sundered One, and “a boss at the bottom of a very dark place”. 

Hexworks has also increased the number of levels for boss weapons and spells, which have been heavily relied on by players in PvP, leading to a “less diverse gameplay experience.” 

Now, boss weapons will now have 10 levels instead of five, and feature a modified upgrade curve. Though they are still “potent”, they’re no longer overpowered in PvP.

Additionally, AI has also been refined to be more responsive, for instance, the Scarlet Shadow has received a few improvements “to make it more dangerous and harder to ‘cheeze’.” Before the update, Scarlet Shadow could sometimes receive fall damage, but not anymore, and has now “learned a few new tricks to react to some trolling players.”

“Now, you can’t hide from him by taking an elevator or get on top of some assets to shoot him without being touched,” the developer explained. “He’s more resourceful. You’ve been warned.”

To make him more formidable, Scarlet Shadow now has more traversal options and can now able to jump up and down some platforms, making running away from him much harder.

Other AI has also received some additional polish, like enemy spawns in Upper Calrath, Sunless Skein, Depths, Cistern, Fief, Manse, Path of Devotion, Abbey, and Bramis Castle. 

The patch notes are quite lengthy, but you can check them out for yourself on Steam

The previous Lords of the Fallen patch made some other improvements, but most importantly implemented a New Game Plus mode for players who have already beaten the game.

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