Big Brother fans complain to Ofcom after housemates’ ‘shocking’ gesture – did you spot it?

Big Brother fans complain to Ofcom after housemates’ ‘shocking’ gesture – did you spot it?

BIG Brother fans have complained to Ofcom after housemates made a ‘shocking’ gesture to Olivia – did you see it?

The revived ITV series continued and viewers noticed some strange behaviour happening between Tom and Olivia.

Tom made a 'shocking gesture' towards Olivia
Tom made a ‘shocking gesture’ towards OliviaCredit: itv
Viewers complained to Ofcom about the behaviour
Viewers complained to Ofcom about the behaviourCredit: itv

It was a dramatic episode as the house was divided last week after Yinrun was awarded a private party.

A huge row erupted in Friday’s episode, with Paul and Dylan sent home during the live eviction.

Over on the livestream, viewers later spotted Tom make a ‘shocking gesture’ to Olivia.

He was supposedly annoyed with Dental therapist Chanelle, 29 for talking to Miss Universe GB, Noky.

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He gestured with his hand and moved his neck in a way that resembled the action of someone pretending to cut someone’s throat.

It caused outrage on social media as fans complained to Ofcom about the shocking behaviour with some dubbing it ‘bullying’ and ‘childish’

Taking to X/Twitter one wrote: “Is this a threat on Noky’s life???


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A third penned: “No, they’re being childish and threatening to cut Chanelle off from their pathetic little group for talking to Noky.”

A fourth agreed: “Yup I think it is- call the police.”

A fifth added: “Their body language is disgusting and so disrespectful ITV needs to step in. This is unacceptable!!”

It comes after Big Brother bosses were forced to secretly put the house on lockdown recently amid an explosive fight night.

Tension erupted in the TV spy house after a string of high-octane format twists including a surprise midweek eviction, public nominations and tricky challenges where the housemates have fallen into two bitterly rival camps. 

Viewers watched intense action as it aired on ITV’s edited episode but The Sun revealed the actions terrified bosses took behind the scenes.

Worried execs forced the two groups apart and locked one half into the bedroom to keep feisty Paul, who was behind the angry outburst, and Trish away from each other. 

After leaving the housemates in lockdown for over an hour, execs were able to calm down a raging Paul. 

A source said: “Everyone talks about Fight Night in 2004 but no one expected this year’s sanitised cohort to be a contender for Fight Night 2.0. 

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“Big Brother acted fast to stop things becoming physical and pulled the rival groups apart, locking one half in the bedroom. 

Paul had an angry outburst on Friday's edited episode
Paul had an angry outburst on Friday’s edited episode

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