Best Black Friday Air Fryer Deals: Save on Top-Rated Models from Ninja, Cuisinart, Chefman and More     – CNET

Best Black Friday Air Fryer Deals: Save on Top-Rated Models from Ninja, Cuisinart, Chefman and More – CNET

With the holidays around the corner, there’s a good chance you’ll be spending more time in the kitchen prepping your familiar favorite meals. One of the home chef’s favorite tools, air fryers have become the buzziest kitchen gadget around. If you’ve been wavering on whether to invest in one, now’s a great time to go shopping, thanks to Black Friday. For the foodies in your life, air fryers make a great holiday gift, allowing at-home chefs to fry, roast, dehydrate or cook so many kinds of foods.

Are early Black Friday sales a good time to buy?

Many retailers start “Black Friday” sales as early as Halloween, or even earlier. The quality of deals can vary early on, but as November progresses, many of the deals are as good as the deep discounts you’ll see during Thanksgiving weekend. See the best Black Friday deals we’ve found.

Not all air fryers are equal. One of the primary differences is the capacity, or how much food you can cook at once. Some are small and easy to integrate into even the most compact of kitchens. Others are supersized, allowing you to cook more than one item at a time — perfect for families. There are also air-frying toaster ovens, which get you the best of both worlds: a countertop oven and an air fryer.

Keep reading to see the best Black Friday air fryer deals. We’ll keep this post updated regularly to make sure you have the best deals right at your fingertips. 

Best Black Friday air fryer deals 

The hybrid air fryer and convection oven gets you the best of both worlds in one countertop-sized footprint; bake, air roast, air fry, air broil and dehydrate, plus reheat foods in less than a minute. And right now, thanks to early Target Black Friday deals, you can save $70 on the regular price of $220. 


A 19-quart countertop toaster oven-air fryer combo gets you the results of a convection oven and allows you to air fry, roast, dehydrate and bake. Thanks to extra price slashing at Walmart, it’s currently one of the lowest prices we’ve seen. 


You can air fry, dehydrate, reheat and roast with the basic Ninja 4-quart Air Fryer. It’s currently on sale at Walmart for $70, saving you $30 off the regular retail price. We tested and found this to be the best overall air fryer for most people. 


Walmart’s Black Friday deals frequently offer some of the lowest prices, and right now you can score this multifunction air fryer for $149. The two baskets let you cook two different kinds of foods individually, using whatever method you choose: air fry, bake, roast or reheat. 


This compact air fryer is a great, inexpensive option even when it isn’t on sale, but currently, you can nab it at Target for just $30. Air fry, roast, bake, dehydrate and more using one of the 10 one-touch cooking presets. We found this to be the best compact air fryer


Black Friday air fryer deals 



Which air fryers will be on sale for Black Friday?

Many of the top brands for air fryers, including Ninja, Cuisinart and Gourmia, are offering Black Friday discounts on the latest models. These aren’t limited to traditional air fryers. Black Friday deals include countertop oven–air fryer combos, air fryers with dual baskets and even pressure cooker–air fryer hybrids. 

Where should I shop for the best Black Friday air fryer deals?

Although Black Friday means many top retailers are offering deals, we’ve seen some of the best prices at big stores like Best Buy and Target, in addition to Amazon’s Black Friday sale. Right now, we haven’t seen as many discounts directly on the brands’ websites. For example, Ninja has discounts on some product combos, but it isn’t yet offering pricing that’s competitive with the big stores. If you’re in the market for an air fryer, be sure to return to this article, because we’ll update and add deals as we find them. 

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