Microsoft’s AI Ignite Event: Everything Revealed in 8 Minutes video     – CNET

Microsoft’s AI Ignite Event: Everything Revealed in 8 Minutes video – CNET

Microsoft's AI Ignite Event: Everything Revealed in 8 Minutes


Speaker 1: Good morning and welcome to Ignite. It’s great to be together in person right here in Seattle, and I’m thrilled to introduce our very first custom in-house CPU series Azure Cobalt, starting with cobalt hundred.

Speaker 1: Cobalt is the first CPU designed by us specifically for the Microsoft Cloud. [00:00:30] And this 64 bit 1 28 core ARM-based ship is the fastest of AE cloud provider and it’s already powering parts of Microsoft Teams Azure Communication services, as well as Azure SQL as we speak. And next year we will make this available to customers. We are also introducing the first preview of Azure Confidential GPU VMs. As you can [00:01:00] run your AI models on sensitive datasets on our cloud. We co-designed this with Nvidia. So if you’re doing what is referred to as retrieval, augmented generation or rag, you’ll hear a lot about this throughout the conference running on this confidential G-P-U-E-M. You can enrich, for example, your prompt with very query specific knowledge from proprietary databases, document archives, while keeping the entirety of the process protected. end-to-end today we [00:01:30] are announcing our first fully custom in-house AI accelerator Azure Maya,

Speaker 1: Starting with Maya a hundred designed to running cloud AI workloads like LLM training. An inference, this chip is manufactured on a five nanometer process, has 105 billion transistors, [00:02:00] making it one of the largest chips that can be made with current technology. And it goes beyond the chip though. We have designed maya hundred as an end-to-end rack for ai. As you can see right here, AI power demands require infrastructure that is dramatically different from other clouds. The compute workloads require a lot more cooling as well as the networking density, and we [00:02:30] have designed the cooling unit known as the sidekick to match the thermal profile of the chip and added rack level, closed loop liquid cooling for higher efficiency. This architecture allows us to take this rack and put it into existing data center infrastructure and facilities rather than building new ones. Also, soon you’ll be able to connect GT four Turbo with vision to Azure AI vision, allowing you to prompt with video images [00:03:00] and text. In fact, our customer, WPP is already using this today with one of their largest clients. I mean, take a look at the video behind me. Pretty amazing to see video prompts as inputs and with summaries coming out on the other end. It’s fantastic to see it, and today I am thrilled to announce five two.

Speaker 1: It’s a scaled up version of five 1.5 that shows even [00:03:30] better capabilities across all of these benchmarks while staying pretty small. I mean relatively small at 2.7 billion parameters. In fact, it’s 50% better at mathematical reasoning and FI two is open source and will be coming to our catalog as well as models of service once you have these models. The next up is the tooling consideration. With Azure AI Studio, we offer [00:04:00] the full lifecycle tool chain for you to be able to build, customize, train, evaluate, and deploy the latest next generation models. It also includes built-in safety. Tooling safety is the most important feature of our AI platform. It’s not something we bolt on later, but we are shifting left from the very beginning. And with Azure AI Studio, you can detect and filter harmful user generated and AI generated content in your applications [00:04:30] as well as your service.

Speaker 1: I’m excited to share that mesh will be generally available in January. It’s sort of been something that we have been working on diligently behind the scenes, and it’s great to be bringing it like using avatars, you can express yourself with confidence whether you’re joining a two D teams meeting or a three D immersive space. With immersive spaces, you can connect in new ways and bring discussions all into one place. With spatial audio, for example, you can experience [00:05:00] directionality and proximity just like in the physical world and with your own custom spaces. You can create a place tailored for your specific needs, like an employee event, training, guided tours, or even internal or external product showcases. Using a no-code editor or the mesh toolkit, we are looking to see how Mesh in teams helps your employees connect in new and very meaningful ways. [00:05:30] Bing Chat is now copilot. It’s a standalone destination and it works wherever you are on Microsoft Edge, on Google Chrome, on Safari, as well as mobile apps coming soon to you. Our enterprise version, which adds commercial data protection, is also now copilot. You simply log in with your Microsoft Enter ID to access it. It’ll be available at no additional cost [00:06:00] to all eligible. Enter ID users. Today we are announcing Copilot Studio.

Speaker 1: With Copilot Studio, you can build custom gpt, create new plugins, orchestrate workflows, monitor in fact, your copilot performance, manage your customizations and much, much more. It comes with a bunch of prebuilt plugins to incorporate [00:06:30] your own business data as well as from applications such as SAP, Workday, ServiceNow. It can connect to databases, custom backends, legacy systems that may even be on premise. All of this allows you to extend copilot with capabilities unique to your organization and the systems you use every day. In fact, we’re already using this pattern to extend copilot across every role and function for developers. [00:07:00] GitHub copilot is turning natural language into programming language, helping them code 55 times faster. For SecOps teams, copilot is helping them respond to threats at machine speed. In fact, this week we are adding plugins for identity management, endpoint security for risk and compliance managers as well for sellers. Copilot is right there helping you close more deals. Whether you’re in [00:07:30] responding in email or in a teams meeting, you can enrich that customer interaction by grounding the copilot with your CRM data, whether it’s in Salesforce or Dynamics 3 6 5. And for customer service teams today, we are very excited to announce copilot for service to help agents resolve the cases faster. Thank you all so very much. Enjoy the rest of ign.

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