Buy With Prime: Here’s How to Snag Prime’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals From Other Retailers     – CNET

Buy With Prime: Here’s How to Snag Prime’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals From Other Retailers – CNET

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner, and that means that Amazon already has tons of active deals for shoppers to peruse (with more to be coming in the days leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday). If you’re looking to take advantage of Amazon’s deals and tackle your holiday shopping this year, you’re in luck. Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals will extend beyond Amazon’s website thanks to “Buy with Prime”. 

“Buy with Prime” gives Prime members discounts on products from a long list of brands that are offering Amazon’s Black Friday Deals on their websites. If a retailer is participating in “Buy with Prime,” they will include a “Buy with Prime” banner that allows you to add the product you wish to buy into your cart. 

Read on to learn the ins and outs of “Buy with Prime” and what Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are available on third-party sites right now.

What is Amazon Buy with Prime?

Amazon’s Buy with Prime program lets Amazon Prime members shop at non-Amazon online stores seamlessly by automatically including their email address, shipping address and payment method from their Amazon account.

Participating brands include a Buy with Prime purchase button on their product pages, most often with a coupon code that’s required at checkout. Although they’re linked to your Amazon account, purchases occur on the retailers’ sites, not Amazon’s. Since retailers aren’t required to offer the same selection and pricing on Amazon as on their own sites, Buy with Prime can get you some deals that aren’t available on Amazon.

a screenshot of a Buy with Prime offer

Amazon; screenshot by CNET

When you visit a product at an online store participating in Buy with Prime, you’ll see a blue button marked “Buy with Prime,” with an expected delivery date above or below the button. If the product is on sale for Amazon Prime Day, all you’ll need to do is click the “Buy with Prime” button. 

When you click that Buy with Prime button, you’ll initiate a login process with Amazon. If you’ve never logged in to an external site with your Amazon account before, you may need to verify your identity with a one-time password sent to your email address or phone number. 

After you punch in that six-digit code, you’ll get a confirmation that you’re securely signed in to Amazon on the retailer’s site, along with a brief description of what info Amazon will share with the retailer. If you have logged in to an external site with Amazon before, the Buy with Prime button will take you directly to the confirmation page to continue.

Hitting the “Continue as [your Amazon account name]” button will take you to a checkout screen on the retailer’s website that is hosted by Amazon Buy with Prime, with your delivery address and payment method automatically entered along with an expected delivery date. Clicking the shipping address or payment method will let you change them via the same process as on Amazon’s own website.

Once you’ve completed your purchases with Buy with Prime, Amazon will handle the shipping and returns of the product.

How do I get Prime Day deals with Buy with Prime?

a screenshot of the ordering process for Amazon Buy with Prime, with the Add a promo code link circled in red

Be sure to add the Buy with Prime coupon code to get the Prime Day deal.

Amazon; screenshot by CNET

If you’re interested in taking advantage of Buy with Prime, you can see a long list of Buy with Prime deals on the Amazon website. Brands include Sena CasesTargus and k18.

Once you’ve made it to the Buy with Prime checkout page, you’ll continue to check out as you normally would, and the Prime Day discount will automatically apply to the price of the item. All Buy with Prime orders will be covered by the Amazon Pay A-to-Z Guarantee.

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