Everyone’s trashing Balenciaga’s $925 towel skirt: #DumbFashion

Everyone’s trashing Balenciaga’s $925 towel skirt: #DumbFashion

Fashionistas aren’t skirting the issue — they’re trolling it. 

Rather than waisting a small fortune on the latest oddity in luxe finery — a $925 towel skirt offered by the house of Balenciaga — style hounds are taking to their linen closets to get the look. 

“I found a dupe for that,” teased TikTok tastemaker Ellie Brennan, a millennial content creator from the UK, in the caption of a trending post featuring her in a white tank top, heels and a standard bathroom towel. 

“Getting ready for a night with the girls after seeing that Balenciaga skirt,” quipped the brunette of the beige designer bottoms to a virtual audience of 3.7 million viewers. 

No stranger to social media scrutiny, the posh Italian imprint — which was set ablaze by digital hellfire in 2022 after unveiling a “creepy” BDSM-inspired ad campaign that starred small children — debuted the poorly received bottoms during its recent spring 2024 fashion show in Paris. 

Boasting a Balenciaga logo embroidery on its front, the terry cotton couture is a knee-length number that features two waistline buttons and an adjustable belt built into its interior. 

The unisex offering, which is currently available for pre-order per the swanky brand’s site, comes in sizes small and medium. 

But online wisecrackers are apparently unfazed by the wrap-around’s haute specs. 

$ 925
The costly contour is made of terry beige cotton and features a Balenciaga logo, two waistline buttons and a built-in belt, according to the fashion house’s website.

Will Kayson, content creator from Maryland, mocking the $925 Balenciaga towel skirt
Kayson and other social media style commentators called the towel skirt “dumb.”

“Why @Balenciaga?” asked Maryland-based style trendsetter Willy Kayson in a parody TikTok post, as he sarcastically posed in a white towel. The voguish guru waggishly stamped the video with the shady hashtag “#DumbFashion.”

A Gen Z beauty trailblazer named Ebboni, 24, echoed his distaste for the pricy apparel.

“POV: You bought the $925 Balenciaga towel skirt…Or get it for free out of your closet,” she wrote in the closed captions of her own clip in which she modeled a makeshift replica of the skirt. 

But Balenciaga isn’t the only la-di-da line to roll out a less-than-loveable look. 

Luxury label Loewe endured an equally harsh tongue-lashing from online haters in February after Cindy Crawford’s daughter, model Kaia Gerber, rocked its $1,850 Comic Balloon Pumps — which came outfitted with latex balloons in a ruffle pattern. 

“I need those to mop the floors as I walk the catwalk,” kidded a cheeky critic of the footwear. 

Others shamed the fashionmongers for sticking the peculiar pumps with a staggering price tag, saying, “Cannot understand why anyone would think that was a ‘designer’ outfit worth spending a fortune on.”


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