Gone in 60 seconds! Police FINALLY get to grips with eco pests Just Stop Oil’s ‘die-in’ tactics as they scoop them from Whitehall in less than a minute

Gone in 60 seconds! Police FINALLY get to grips with eco pests Just Stop Oil’s ‘die-in’ tactics as they scoop them from Whitehall in less than a minute

Passersby cheered as Just Stop Oil activists were removed from the road in just a minute in central London on Tuesday in a sign police have finally got to grips with their ‘die-in’ tactics.

Video footage showed a group of people holding Just Stop Oil banners marching down the road from Trafalgar Square towards Whitehall before around a dozen officers quickly descended upon them.

A Met Police officer could be heard loudly informing the activists, who are calling for an end to all new oil and gas projects in the UK, that they were in breach of section 7 of the Public Order Act.

As officers moved to detain the activists, three people – two women and a man – immediately lay down in the middle of the road.

The trio were detained after the ‘die-in’ tactic and lifted up by officers before being carried off the road, with clapping and loud cheering from passersby. 

A heavy police presence escorted the activists as they began their march from Trafalgar Square

An officer shouted to his colleagues: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, please lift and shift safely.’ 

In less than a minute all three activists had been moved from the road onto the pavement.  

The entire protest was removed within two minutes with nine arrests made, a spokesperson for the Met Police said.

A statement shared on social media read: ‘Activists began slow marching in the road and were cleared within two minutes. Nine arrests have been made.

‘Officers have taken people into custody and traffic is now moving freely along Whitehall. Arrests were made under Section 7 of the Public Order Act.’ 

Just Stop Oil posted their own footage of the incident on social media, in which an officer could clearly be heard telling activists: ‘You are more than welcome to carry on your protest on Trafalgar Square.

‘Again, you step on the road, you could face arrest under section 7 of the Public Order Act.’

Officers removed all three activists from the road in less than a minute and made a total of nine arrests

Just Stop Oil protesters march from Trafalgar Square to the top of Whitehall

Police officers could be seen carrying an elderly woman off the road on Tuesday

A man is carried out of the road near to Trafalgar Square on Tuesday

One man told police as he was arrested that the world will face a 'hellish future' without drastic action on climate change

Police arrest a Just Stop Oil activist in central London on Tuesday

One of those arrested by police told officers: ‘We are heading for a hellish future unless we do something dramatic.’

The group previously announced its intention to march from Trafalgar Square every day at 12pm in the latest round of environmental protests. 

On Monday police made 15 arrests – adding to a total of more than 500 in just 12 days.

Reacting to today’s swift action by police, a JSO statement on its social media stated: ‘March for 30 seconds and face a year in prison. This is democracy in 2023.

‘They can’t arrest their way out of societal breakdown. Join us every day.’

On Saturday Just Stop Oil activists joined pro-Palestine protesters at Waterloo station in a sit-in demanding an immediate ceasefire.

Police afterwards said they had arrested a ‘prominent’ member of Just Stop Oil as they dispersed the protest. 


Elizabeth Haigh

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