First look: Tyson Fury gets his first championship belt ‘stolen’ by Dynamo in shocking magic trick

First look: Tyson Fury gets his first championship belt ‘stolen’ by Dynamo in shocking magic trick

MAGICIAN Dynamo will leave Tyson Fury lost for words as he STEALS his first ever boxing belt in a terrifying trick as he returns to our screens for the first time in five years. 

The pro boxer is joined by his wife Paris and daughter Venezuela for an appearance on the Sky programme, which sees Dynamo, real name Steven Frayne, perform a daring live stunt. 

Tyson Fury is left stunned by Dynamo's epic new magic trick
Tyson Fury is left stunned by Dynamo’s epic new magic trickCredit: SKY
Dynamo 'steals' Tyson's beloved championship belt
Dynamo ‘steals’ Tyson’s beloved championship beltCredit: SKY

Meeting in his training ring, Dynamo joins Tyson to talk about his own battle with his mental health before wowing him with a magic stunt: stealing one of his first boxing belts. 

The magician will wave his magic hands in front of a photo of Tyson at one of his first major fights – showing off his winning belt. 

But when Dynamo turns around, the belt is gone. 

In a first look clip, Dynamo can be seen looking at the photos of Tyson around the boxing room before asking: “All of your walls are kind of covered with your success stories, so tell me about this night.”


Tyson replies: “It was my first time on the world stage, stepping up into the top ten in the world. It was a very special night for me.”

Dynamo continues: “What would it take for someone to take that belt from you now?”

To which Tyson warns him: “No man alive could take that belt from me.”

Waving his hands over the picture and breathing out with a heavy puff, Dynamo responds: “The thing is, I’m not any man.”

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It’s then revealed that the belt has vanished from the photograph, leaving Tyson and his family in a stunned silence.

Tyson shouts: “He’s taken my belt. Put it back, put it back! Oh my god. Has he erased it from history, now that’s the question.”

Dynamo is Dead will see the magician meet with A-list assistants like Tyson, Cara Delevingne and Demi Lovato as he prepares to bury himself alive on telly tomorrow night. 

The two-hour special will draw focus on his return to screens since his five-year hiatus, where he struggled with his Crohn’s disease and severe arthritis. 

A source previously revealed: “This will be Dynamo’s most outrageous stunt yet and one not to be missed.

“He’s walked on water and levitated above skyscrapers, but never before has he worked his magic underground.

“The show culminates in Dynamo laying himself to rest, sparking this new era of his life with his trouble put firmly behind him.”

It literally disappears from a framed photo
It literally disappears from a framed photoCredit: SKY

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