Shocking video captures trooper miraculously surviving as SUV slams into vehicle he’d stopped

Shocking video captures trooper miraculously surviving as SUV slams into vehicle he’d stopped


Harrowing dashcam footage captured the moment an Oklahoma cop was flung through the air as a vehicle slammed into an SUV he’d pulled over — amazingly getting straight back to his feet virtually unharmed.

Trooper Jesse Gregory is seen in the footage released this week standing on the passenger side of a vehicle near the end of a 20-minute stop on Interstate 40 last week.

Suddenly, a black SUV barrels into the stationary vehicle he’s standing beside — violently flinging him to the ground, seemingly head first.

The hit vehicle is also knocked several feet along the highway edge, as the SUV that hit it flips over multiple times.

Amazingly, Gregory rolls and almost immediately gets back to his feet, running out of the frame and any possible danger.

“Watching the video I don’t even remember barrel-rolling to my feet,” Gregory told KWTV, showing how his only injury appeared to be a graze on his left arm.

Oklahoma Trooper Jesse Gregory is unaware that an SUV is about to slam into the vehicle he stopped along a highway. Oklahoma Highway Patrol
The SUV barrels into the stationary vehicle, which knocks Gregory to the ground. Oklahoma Highway Patrol
Miraculously, the trooper got up after the terrifying incident and was not seriously hurt. Oklahoma Highway Patrol

“Hopefully this is my scare of the career,” said the trooper, even though he previously witnessed another trooper more seriously injured in a similar accident.

“I’m ready to come back” to work, Gregory said, while acknowledging “it’s going to take a little bit mentally to come back.”

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said it was sharing the footage “as a graphic reminder of the consequences of distracted or impaired driving and the importance of the slow down, move over law.”

“We are in the middle of a distracted driving emphasis right now in honor of Trooper Nicholas Dees, who lost his life in the line of duty after being struck by a distracted driver,” it continued.

“Luckily, Trooper Gregory is expected to be OK. In fact, all three people involved in this incident were treated and released,” OHP said, adding that the terrifying incident remains under investigation.

Gregory was at the scene of a similar incident on Jan. 5, when ​Deputy Jose Tayahua-Mendoza was struck by a car while conducting a traffic stop, Fox News reported.

“Hey, are you OK, brother?” he asked the fellow officer.

Gregory told KWTV that Tayahua-Mendoza is his neighbor.

“He was struck in the exact same situation. I was less than a mile from him, and I was actually first on scene and called for help,” he said,

Tayahua-Mendoza survived the crash but is reportedly in a long-term rehab facility.

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