BMW CE 02 E-Motorbike 2024 Review: Price, Specs, Availability

BMW CE 02 E-Motorbike 2024 Review: Price, Specs, Availability

On WIRED’s brand-hosted media drive I rode just over 30 miles around the hilly cobbled streets and dual carriageways of Lisbon, and at the end was left with a battery level of 23 percent. My take is that the BMW engineers imagined this bike doing trips of 6 miles or so, to and from an office, rather than longer trips.

At slow speed the bike is pleasingly predictable, but it’s a noticeably bigger, “more serious” bike than a nippy little moped. That’s the trade-off with the 02. As a rider, are you looking for a bike that’s small, light, easy to park, and able to blend into the background on city streets? If so, get a moped. If you’re looking for a bike with head-turning looks that’s fast, heavier, and potentially a magnet for thieves, get the CE 02.

A Singular Scooter

The big brother to the CE 02 is the already released CE 04 (left), which is longer, heavier, and faster.

Photograph: BMW

Wondering whether you should save up for the 02’s big brother, the CE 04? First off, there is that £3,300 ($4,170) hike up in price. Then, to keep it simple, you’re looking at a longer, heavier, and faster bike. Also, the extra side-by-side length (31 centimeters) is noticeable. Speedwise, you’ll be getting an additional 15 mph and that pulse-quickening acceleration, shaving another half-second off the CE 02—2.6 seconds to 30 mph. Around town handling? Even though the CE 04 bluffs out that additional length with urban-friendly maneuverability, its strength is its stability at speed. Yes, the 02 goes 60 mph, but it really feels like 60 mph, whereas the 04 with its length and stability is just happier when driven faster, even at 75 mph.

With the 02’s deliberately youthful styling, sporty ride, and singular design, it looks like BMW is hoping to mop up riders who wouldn’t consider the bigger, heavier, and more old-fashioned petrol super scooters. Such customers will have to get over that price point, though, when this bike lands in late spring, especially since the 02 is being marketed squarely at teens and twentysomethings with arguably less spending power than required to secure such a pricey ride.

Regardless of the clever engineering, modern connected features, and responsive ride quality, the success of the 02 will likely be based on the appeal of that unique, revolutionary aesthetic—and perhaps the pocket depth of generous parents.

Andrew Diprose

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