Netflix’s ‘Damsel’ trailer will put you in distress

Netflix’s ‘Damsel’ trailer will put you in distress

If you think you know where Netflix’s Damsel trailer is going at any point of the next three minutes, bravo. As for us, we’re personally in distress.

Millie Bobby Brown leads this fantasy film with a major cast as Elodie, a young woman in a land far, far away, who marries a charming prince, as you do. At the end of the wedding, it seems all happily ever afters, even with that bloody hand ritual — but then she’s flung into a dark chasm by her love, where a dragon wants her for lunch. How did she end up here? What secrets does the apparently evil queen (Robin Wright) hide? Also, Angela Bassett is here!

Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and Dan Mazeau, Damsel promises one hell of a clamber out of the dark for the heroine of this tale, with Elodie having to boulder up crystal shard-clad walls and duel a dragon. Ancient sacrifice? Not today.

Damsel hits Netflix on March 8.


Shannon Connellan

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