I’m a gardening pro & there’s a 79p trick I swear by for getting rid of pesky slugs in your garden – it never fails

I’m a gardening pro & there’s a 79p trick I swear by for getting rid of pesky slugs in your garden – it never fails

A GARDENING professional has revealed a 46p trick to help get rid of pesky slugs in your garden – and it never fails. 

As the warmer spells slowly creep into the UK, Brits may be noticing more slug activity in their gardens. 

Homeowners may start to see a few more slugs in their garden now that the warmer weather is slowly creeping in
Homeowners may start to see a few more slugs in their garden now that the warmer weather is slowly creeping inCredit: Getty

And whilst they can mostly be harmless, the little creatures can cause damage to your plants and eat into any vegetable plants as well. 

But an expert from eco-cleaning brand Seep, has revealed a super simple trick to get rid of slugs and it won’t break the bank either. 

Gardening professional Laura Harnett has explained how upcycled household goods can be a great deterrent to pests. 

She also revealed that her technique is chemical free – and will save you from trawling through shop shelves trying to find the right product for your garden. 


Laura explained that using old copper scourers is the best way to keep the slugs away. 

She said: “Use copper to protect your plants from slugs and snails without using nasty garden chemicals.

“They hate the metal as it gives them a small, harmless electric shock when they come into contact with it.

“Instead of buying expensive copper tape for your pots and plants, simply unravel your copper pan scourer when it’s no longer useful and this will have the same effect.”

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Copper scourers can cost as little as 79p from online retailers including Amazon.

Another green fingered homeowner also previously revealed their trick they swear by for a thriving garden ecosystem. 

They took to Reddit’s Gardening forum and gave advice on how to have a flourishing vegetable garden. 

The gardening fan wrote: “The more diverse your crops are, the less likely they are going to be destroyed by a big wave of bugs.

“Also don’t try to fully eradicate any pests, it will never happen, you just have to know how to work around them and keep their population under control.”

The post went on to explain how certain pests like caterpillars and squash bugs should be hand-picked off, while aphids and leafhoppers can be “blasted off with the hose.” 

They continued: “Planting trap plants will help add biodiversity for insects and attract pollinators. 

“Trap plants are plant species that basically act as a sacrifice to the pests. 

June gardening jobs

The Sun’s Gardening Editor, Veronica Lorraine, has shared the tasks you should take this month.

Stake out leggy perennials

With all the dramatic weather we’ve been having, it’s definitely time to stake out your leggy perennials (the ones that come back every year). Heavy rain and growth spurts, can make them collapse and flop.

Picking out the slugs and snails

Hopefully as we move into summer they  will do less damage as the plants get bigger.  The best way is still to go out at night with a head torch to find them. 

Pick elderflower heads

You can use them to make your own cordial, or add to cakes, champagne or even fry them in batter. 

Get on top of weeds

It’s around now that weeds really ramp up in the garden, so keep on top of them with hoe-ing – or just the traditional ‘on your knees with a hand fork’. Try and avoid chemicals – remember weeds are just plants in the wrong place. 

Up the mowing

You’ll need to mow your lawn weekly now – if you’ve got time, weed it beforehand as once you mow you chop off the leaves and its harder to see them. 

Check on your tomatoes

Your tomato plants will need attention – water, feed and regularly and pinch out the sideshoots. 

Chelsea Chop

There’s still time for the Chelsea Chop – plants like Rudbeckia’s, Asters, Penstemons, Sedums and other perennials can be cut back by a third to help them get a bit more bushy, and prolong the flowering period.

Sort out your tulips

If you can be bothered and have space – lift and story your tulip  bulbs to ensure colour next Spring. 

Deadheading your roses

Take them down to the first set of healthy leaves – which will ensure more flowers for longer. 

Enjoy your space

Take some time to sit and enjoy your garden or outside space – it’s great for your mental health. Even just a few minutes a day can make a big difference. 

“Nasturtium is a really good annual trap plant and they are also edible if the bugs don’t get to them first. 

“Marigolds, amaranth, sunflowers, and okra are some of my other go-to trap plants for our area because our native pests will prefer them over our crops.”

According to Gardeners’ World, nasturtium thrives in free-draining soil and requires sunshine for at least half the day to grow.


Other experts have also previously shared their tips on how to stop giant spiders from entering your home 

The cheap trick involves using a natural repellent like peppermint oil, as spiders “don’t like” the smell.


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