‘Insane’ beauty hack hailed as a ‘must-have’ for women’s hair removal: ‘I’m actually freaking out over this’

‘Insane’ beauty hack hailed as a ‘must-have’ for women’s hair removal: ‘I’m actually freaking out over this’

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These pinups won’t be caught trending with shaggy skin — not by the hairs of their chinny-chin-chins. 

Beauty influencers are busy making a big fuzz about the most cutting-edge primping hack to date: “Hair identifier spray.” 

When applied directly to the face, the white-colored cosmetic makes even the most fine whiskers visible, helping wannabe-smooth sirens achieve a clean shave. 

Caputo and other online “It” girls have virally lauded the hair identifier spray as a “perfect solution” for unwanted facial hair. TikTok/@kay_caputo

“I’m actually freaking out over this,” internet tastemaker Kalya Caputo, from Los Angeles, told a TikTok audience of more than 27.1 million viewers while taking the viral spritz for an inaugural spin. 

“It’s the perfect solution,” gushed the brunette as she sliced unwanted peach fuzz off her mug with “insane” ease. 

The “SKNBODY Hair Identifier Spray and Dermaplaner Set,” a $16 offering from Texas-based company Zereni Technology LLC, is a kit made complete with a “dermatologist-approved” mist and four dermaplaner razors — a single-blade shaving and exfoliation tool — per its TikTok Shop description.  

Touted as non-comedogenic, meaning the product doesn’t clog pores, the spray is comprised of “skin-loving” ingredients and botanical extracts.

It’s sulfate-, paraben-, phthalates- and formaldehyde-free, according to the cyber marketplace. It is also said to create a “cooling” barrier that reduces friction and ensures “a seamless experience.”

To achieve “effective facial hair removal,” users are encouraged to thoroughly sterilize the razor, then apply the spray at a “5 to 7 inches” distance from the face in “short and powerful bursts.” 

Beauty lovers often use a dermaplaner razor to remove dead skin and excess facial hair. zigres – stock.adobe.com

The unhappily hairy are then told to hold the dermaplaner at a 45-degree angle, scraping it across their faces in downward strokes, starting at the top of their foreheads and ending below their chins. 

Despite recent advancements in hair-removal technology, shaving is still a tried-and-true practice promoted by dermatology experts, such as Dr. Deidre Hopper. 

In fact, Mary, a TikTok personality, recently skyrocketed to social media superstardom after revealing that she shaves her face every day. 

“Shaving your face is good for removing any dead skin cells, excess oils and any debris,” she said. “I love the smooth application of my makeup”

Carlisle hailed the spray a “must-have” to her millions of video watchers. TikTok/@rachelmadisoncarlisle

And skincare sirens using the SKNBODY set are enjoying similar results. 

“Look how freaking smooth my skin is,” raved trendsetter Rachel Carlisle after barbering her face with the buzzy bundle. “We’re gonna call this a new must-have beauty product.”

Shekia Ceaser, a style pacesetter from Philadelphia, agreed. 

“Get this if you want to reveal a more youthful, radiant glow to your skin,” she urged in a commission-earning post. “Your makeup application is going to look 10 times better.”

Ceaser said the spray helped restore a youthful glow to her visage. TikTok/@ceaserbeauty
Christine gave fans a sneak peek at the spray and razor combo’s magic. TikTok/@alexis_christinexo

Cosmetics content creator Alexis Christine, too, posted a virtual ad, imploring her over 2.4 million viewers to snap up the hair-be-gone goodie before it sells out. 

But board-certified dermatologist Jenny Liu didn’t exactly join in the chorus of women singing the spray’s praises. 

“Personally, I won’t use it as [it] can cause irritation on the skin and around the eyes,” said the expert in the caption of her video review. 

Liu did, however, applaud the product for helping gals get “baby soft skin,” adding that shaving with a dermaplaner won’t make facial hairs grow back faster or thicker. 

The doc also noted that the visibility-enhancing spray may “help to reduce cuts and skin damage from dermaplaning if you do it at home.”


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