LinkedIn wants you to use AI tools to find your next job

LinkedIn wants you to use AI tools to find your next job

LinkedIn has unveiled plans to shake up career development by integrating even more AI into its platform, this time to help coaching within LinkedIn Learning.

With its latest injection of artificial intelligence, LinkedIn hopes to address the gap in accessible career advice for users on its platform.

The company revealed new research noting three in five (60%) people globally wish they knew who to reach out to for career advice, with many lacking access to a dedicated career coach.

LinkedIn wants to be your AI careers coach

With its latest development, LinkedIn plans to bring human and artificial intelligence closer together. The Microsoft-owned platform has partnered with LinkedIn Learning instructors, such as Alicia Reece, Anil Gupta, Dr Gemma Leigh Roberts and Lisa Gates, who it deems to be experts in the fields of career development, global business strategy and wellbeing.

Individuals will be able to pick an expect, ask a question and have a conversation, but the experience is set to be powered by AI.

Hari Srinivasan, VP of Product at LinkedIn and the author of the announcement, added: “We work closely with each instructor to ensure the AI-powered responses are authentic to their teaching style and aligned to their expertise to ensure a high-quality experience.”

Users can ask questions like ‘how do I negotiate my salary’ or ‘how do I build a growth mindset,’ and the generative AI model will produce a response based on information like the user’s title, career goals and skills they follow on the platform.

Srinivasan also addressed the intricate and complex matter of ownership when it comes to the use of GenAI: “As we enter a new world of generative AI technologies, we’re beginning to roll out royalties when learners access our instructors’ expertise using AI-powered coaching within a course.”

He confirmed: “If a learner uses this feature to ask a question within the course, the instructor will be paid for it.”

As the social media battle intensifies and rival companies look to make their platforms even better, LinkedIn’s affiliation with Microsoft, a major OpenAI investor, will certainly help it to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to AI.

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