Revealed: Why England hope revolutionary £500 ‘smart ring’ worn by Kim Kardashian will be their secret weapon at Euro 2024

Revealed: Why England hope revolutionary £500 ‘smart ring’ worn by Kim Kardashian will be their secret weapon at Euro 2024

  • England players and staff have been given a tracking device called the Oura Ring
  • Gareth Southgate has been seen wearing the piece of kit on his left index finger
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A ‘revolutionary’ smart ring worn by Kim Kardashian is emerging as England’s secret weapon here at Euro 2024.

Players and staff have been given a state-of-the-art tracking device called the Oura Ring to wear during their stay here in Germany, with the technology claiming to monitor sleep, body temperature, stress and heart health.

Gareth Southgate is a firm believer in marginal gains and has been open to introducing various developing technologies during his eight year reign as England head coach in his efforts to end the nation’s 58 year wait for a major trophy.

And the piece of fitness jewellery has become an addition to England’s armoury as they prepare for Sunday’s European Championship opener against Serbia.

Indeed, Southgate himself has been wearing the piece of kit on his left index finger and was first spotted with the ring during England’s preparations for the tournament back home earlier this month.

The England boss has worn the state-of-the-art tracking device on his left index finger

Kim Kardashian has previously been seen wearing the 'revolutionary' Oura smart ring

A number of players have also used the ring whilst training here at their Weimar base. During Wednesday’s sessions Conor Gallagher and Marc Guehi were among the players seen wearing the Oura Rings.


Launched by Finnish technology company Oura Health in 2013, the Oura smart ring uses research-grade sensors to provide health data in more than 20 areas.

These biometrics include body temperature, sleep pattern and quality, recovery, stress and heart-rate.

The ring, made out of aerospace-grade titanium, takes measurements using its built-in red, infrared and green LEDs.

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Unlike most wearable tech, which measures from the surface of the wrist, the Oura ring’s technology takes readings directly from the arteries in the finger, which are significantly more accurate.

Wearers — who include Prince Harry, Kim Kardashian and the queen of wellness gimmicks Gwyneth Paltrow — can then analyse their data on a mobile app.

The cheapest ring will set you back nearly £300. Then you have to pay a further £70 a year for a subscription to access the data.


Members of the England’s support team have also been spotted wearing the equipment, from which the data can be monitored by staff.

The Football Association’s chief executive Mark Bullingham is also understood to be wearing the ring here in Germany.

While some players have worn the rings during training at their Weimar base, it appears unlikely that they would be permitted to wear them during matches.

Recovery data from the rigours of training and matches in professional football has become a vital element for coaches and analysts as they leave no stone unturned in search of greater performance.

The ring is popular with some of the most high profile celebrities on the planet, too.

In addition to Kardashian, Prince Harry, Gwenyth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston have all been pictured wearing the sophisticated tracker.

It is also endorsed by leading sportspeople including NBA star Chris Paul and Olympic skier and three time gold medalist Lindsey Vonn.

The company’s website also lists the United States Army among their client list.

Explaining how the ring can boost performance, the Oura website says: ‘Whether you’re managing a professional sports organisation or training elite forces, ensure your team is always performing at the highest level with precise biometrics.

‘Use accurate, continuous data to prioritise rest, adjust training schedules, monitor recovery, and detect signs of illness, injury, and fatigue.’

Oura Rings are priced up to £500, with the cheapest positioned at £277.

The company’s website also claims that users have experienced 87 per cent improved overall health, 88 per cent better sleep quality, 74 per cent improved stress management and 71 per cent improved work productivity.

The company’s website claims to have over one million users across the world.

Marc Guehi was among the England players seen wearing the ring in training on Wednesday

The ring can been used to monitor sleep, body temperature, stress and heart health

Prince Harry was pictured wearing the sophisticated fitness tracker in Melbourne in 2018

In 2023, speaking to Face magazine, England defender John Stones revealed he is already a Oura Ring convert.

‘The first thing I do once I’m out of bed is check my Oura Ring to see how I’ve slept – it’s addictive,’ he revealed.

‘It tells me how long it took me to fall asleep, how much REM (rapid eye movement) and deep sleep I managed, how many times I woke up…it’s mad.’

Similarly, ahead of Qatar 2022, Germany’s national team were provided with Oura rings after a sleep researcher was appointed to help deliver advice on how to accumulate optimum rest before and after fixtures.

Anna West, a Danish-born sleep expert, spoke to the Germany squad ahead of the tournament, and recommend each player be given a ring to wear to ensure support staff have a better grasp on their respective recoveries.

Members of England’s women’s team have also used the Oura Rings.

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