How to Use AI to Snag Your Dream Partner on Dating Apps     – CNET

How to Use AI to Snag Your Dream Partner on Dating Apps – CNET

Some people use dating apps exclusively for sex. Some to find their soulmate. Whether your intended coupling is for a night or a lifetime, in the age of algorithm-optimized everything, how you build out your dating profile may have a significant impact on your future relationships. 

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So if a robot is choosing which potential partners see your profile, maybe a robot is the best judge of how to appeal to the partner you want most, too. 

In this case, our artificial intelligence dating profile test subject — my friend, Sarah — is seeking a marriage proposal from John Mayer, or someone like him. 

No, that’s not totally unrealistic. Exclusive dating apps like Raya boast active profiles from the rich and famous looking for companionship, so it could happen.

Let’s see who ChatGPT thinks singer-songwriters who worship bodies as wonderlands want. If you’re looking for more ways to use AI, check out our pieces on how to use Midjourney AI to make wedding invitations and how to use ChatGPT to write a cover letter.

How can ChatGPT help you score dates? 

ChatGPT, released in late 2022, kicked off the generative AI era. (You can read our hands-on review of ChatGPT as well as similar tools Gemini, Copilot and Perplexity on CNET’s AI Atlas hub.) Give a gen AI tool a prompt, and it’ll give you a quick, confident and sometimes ridiculous response after it digs through the data it was given to learn about our world.

I started off by uploading Sarah’s photos for ChatGPT to review without instructions on optimization for the Mayer gaze. Its recommendations were fairly generic, like “Ensure your face is more clearly visible,” and “Ensure that it’s clear you are the focus of the photo.”

So you have to get more specific about your wants and needs.

When asked to tailor the profile and photos to appeal to Mr. Mayer, ChatGPT recommended Sarah show off her creative, adventurous side and showcase photos and text that signal authenticity and depth because, “John Mayer often appreciates artistic settings,” and “John Mayer enjoys traveling and experiencing new places.”

Now while I am dubious as to how ChatGPT can be sure of what John Mayer appreciates, enjoys and values, it may be a safe assumption that notoriously self-centered creative types would look for themselves in the dating profiles of prospective dates.

Here’s what ChatGPT had to say about the profile pics I showed it, complete with specific recommendations tailor made for Mayer’s delight.

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Dating AI Photo 2

ChatGPT/Screenshot by CNET

Dating AI Photo 3

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ChatGPT didn’t stop at the photos. It also had some tips on captions and hobbies to include in the profile.

“Highlight any creative hobbies or interests. John Mayer appreciates creativity,” ChatGPT advised me confidently. “Use witty, thoughtful captions that hint at your personality and interests. A clever quote from one of his songs or a reference to music in general can add a nice touch.”

It even has fashion tips, like “wearing something stylish, yet laid-back.”

Step by step to an AI-approved dating profile 

If you’re interested in tailoring your dating profile to your dream partner using AI, here’s our step-by-step guide:

1. Upload screenshots of your dating profile to ChatGPT and ask it to offer advice for tailoring the profile to snag a specific type of person.
2. Give ChatGPT whatever prompts for text your dating app employs, asking for answers that might appeal to that specific type of person. 

Happy hunting, everyone. And as a side note, if you’d like to approach Sarah for an authentic, creative, artistic date, you can find her on Hinge. Bonus points if you’ve gone multi-platinum.

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