Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby latest news — This Morning hosts return – but fail to address feud for second day

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby latest news — This Morning hosts return – but fail to address feud for second day

PHILLIP Schofield and Holly Willoughby are back on This Morning sofa – and are still remaining tight-lipped on their reported feud.

This Morning hosts Phil and Holly appeared on our screens for the second day in a row today after they were earlier pictured with their heads down on route to the ITV studios.

The presenting duo, who have put on a united front amid their huge fallout, were overcome with emotion live on air yesterday as Holly gushed about “good people”.

It comes as viewers also branded Monday’s edition of the show “unpleasant” to watch – as the duo appeared to “avoid making eye contact”.

One fan said: “Switched on to see what happened today but ITV need to sort out. It’s not pleasant watching and the advertisers will drop ITV if they haven’t got a voice !”

Read our Holly & Phil live blog below for the latest updates…

  • Phillip Schofield left ‘a shell of himself’ over Holly Willoughby feud

    Phillip Schofield has been left a “shell of himself” and is becoming a “recluse” on set.

    The presenter was seen returning to the sofa alongside his co-star Holly Willoughby yesterday, despite rumours circling of their behind-the-scenes fallout.

    Insiders have revealed that he has been left a “shell” after it was revealed their relationship is nothing like it was.

    An insider told The Mirror: “He is becoming increasingly withdrawn and almost a shell of himself.

    “He seems down and spends a lot of time in his dressing room. We’re worried about him.”

  • Lorraine Kelly opens up on Holly and Phil’s feud

    Lorraine Kelly has broken her silence on Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby’s feud – saying she would be “sad” to see either of them leave This Morning.

    TV presenter Lorraine, 63, praised her ITV co-stars for returning to work on Monday after rumours of a rift.

    Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Lorraine opened up about her thoughts on the feud, saying: “Do you know what they were back today and it was business as usual and everyone is just getting on with it.”

  • This Morning’s Phillip Schofield faces being replaced by all-female duo, PR expert claims

    PR Expert Nick Ede has teased the potential injection of girl power onto the This Morning sofa.

    He told Closer Magazine: “There’s an outside chance that there could even be a permanent female duo – Josie Gibson and Alison Hammond have proved incredibly popular and the combo of Alison and Holly recently proved very successful.”

    He also told the publication: “If Phil were to leave, they have a bank of fantastic presenters to step in.

    “Viewers love the likes of Joe Dommett, Craig Doyle and Marvin Humes who could match up with Holly.

    “The last few months have shown you you don’t need the same presenters day after day.”

  • Holly and Phil remain tight-lipped over feud

    Holly and Phil have once again failed to address their ongoing feud during today’s episode of This Morning.

    One viewer claimed it is “ridiculous” that they are still carrying on.

    They said: “Phil and Holly still carrying on? this is ridiculous now.”

  • Fans tune in for the first time

    Despite growing tension behind the scenes, the former best pals attempted to disguise their rift in front of This Morning viewers.

    Many had chosen to tune in for the first time – just so they could watch the body language between them.

  • Phil and Holly remain brave faced

    As turmoil continues to engulf the show, the pair put on a brave face as they returned to the This Morning sofa.

    There was no awkward music today as the hosts stepped in front of the cameras.

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    Credit: ITV
  • Pictured: Phil and Holly seen leaving home as they head to This Morning studios

    The presenting pair kept their heads down as they journeyed to the ITV studios on Tuesday morning ahead of the ITV daytime show.

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    price agreed holly willoughby phillip 817873181 2
  • Phil and Holly return

    The TV duo are back hosting This Morning despite their ongoing feud.

    The pair have vowed their rift would not escalate.

    Despite the smiles it was clear there is still some awkward tension as the pair keep a visible distance.

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    Credit: ITV
  • ‘Their relationship is nothing like it was’

    Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby are said to have come to a truce in order to host the show this week – after they were seen on screen yesterday.

    A source said: “Holly and Phil are professionals and they can turn it on like no one else.

    “Although behind the scenes their relationship is nothing like it was, they are both dedicated to This Morning and keeping it together for viewers.”

  • Fans looking forward to today’s episode

    One fan said: “Looking forward to watching Phil and Holly’s legendary chemistry today #thismorning,” accompanied by a meme of someone shouting fake.

    A second said: “Will phil and Holly be continuing their charade of a loving friendship today?”

  • What can This Morning fans expect from today’s show?

    This Morning fans will receive some of the latest tips on how to save cash from Martin Lewis.

    Many fans however will be tuning in once again to see the tension between the two hosts amid their ongoing feud.

  • Holly is back and ready to go

    Holly is ready to go after taking to Instagram to update fans on today’s outfit choice.

    She said: “Morning Tuesday… see you on @thismorning with @iamginodacampo @haganfoxastrology @martinlewismse @ellielouiseleach and the real James Bond!!!! #hwstyle dress by @nobodyschild.”

  • Holly is all smiles in latest Marks and Spencer modelling campaign

    Holly Willoughby looks carefree and hot in pink for her latest Marks & Spencer campaign as her feud drama with co-star Phillip Schofield rumbles on.

    The This Morning beauty, 42, beams brightly on a grand balcony in the sunset shoot.

    She models a tailored pale pink suit, which has been left open to reveal a silky blouse.

    Her golden locks are styled edgily in one sultry shot that sees her fringe covering half of her face.

    Holly grins widely in another snap, very much revealing her fun side.

    The images were released hours after she and Phillip struggled to hold back tears as they discussed the friendship between two ex-rugby league players on today’s This Morning.

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    holly willoughby brushes off phillip 817720205
  • Major stars ‘boycott This Morning amid Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby feud’

    This Morning regulars have threatened to boycott the show amid Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield’s feud, according to reports.

    The former pals might have put on a brave face for the cameras on today’s show, but some of their co-stars are refusing to do the same.

    One prominent show celeb, told the Mail: “It is absolutely disgusting that ITV takes the moral high ground over lots of issues, but then continues to give their major daily presenting slot to Phillip, despite the tonne of complaints that have been made against him.

    “Lots of us have now told our agents that we will not be appearing on This Morning while he is still there.”

  • Fern Britton’s tweet sends fans crazy

    The former This Morning host revealed she had the “loveliest catch up” with Phil’s rival Eamonn Holmes, just hours after the GB News presenter took aim at the current ITV show hosts.

    Fern tweeted: “Unexpected calls from old mates are so lovely. Just had the loveliest catch up with @EamonnHolmes.

    “I think we have known each other since the 80’s when we were babies. Shooting the breeze.”

    One fan said: “Did you have a nice chat? Bet you’re both cackling over Phillip.”

    Whilst a second commented: “Can’t imagine what you were talking about…”

  • Phillip Schofield branded ‘The Grim Reaper’ by This Morning staff

    Phillip Schofield has been branded ‘The Grim Reaper’ by This Morning staff as it was revealed he is ‘unpopular’ behind the scenes.

    The TV presenter has been hitting headlines recently after it emerged that his friendship with Holly Willoughby has been on the rocks off-camera.

    Insiders told how Phil’s exit from the infamous sofa would also be welcomed by some of the staff.

    Staff members have reportedly started calling him the “Grim Reaper” as a joking nickname.

    Speaking to the Mirror, one said: “Phil has been seen as untouchable for years which has also given him an unprecedented level of control.

    “He is ­nicknamed The Grim Reaper by some people who don’t get on with him.”

  • Viewers claim This Morning is facing a ‘PR disaster’

    Viewers have claimed that This Morning is facing a “PR disaster” as the hit show returned to screens.

    One viewer said: “A PR disaster for #ThisMorning. Trending for all the wrong reasons.”

    A second commented: “Why do Phil and Holly quite obviously despise each other these days.”

  • How did Phil and Holly’s feud escalate?

    Reports claimed that Holly felt blindsided by Phillip talking to the press about their relationship.

    Holly claims that she had no idea that this was happening and found out once the article was published.

    All claims had been denied by Phillip who stated that this was “Categorically untrue”.

    A source said: “Holly had to find out from someone else which must have been awful for her. She has been so loyal to him.”

    Phillip’s version of events is different and he has praised Holly for “being his rock” after The Sun revealed the TV hosts barely speak off camera.

  • Fans left questioning why the hosts have ‘avoided’ speaking about feud

    Viewers of This Morning have flocked to social media to question why the hosts have avoided mentioning their ongoing feud.

    One viewer tweeted: “Phil and Holly did not mention the story that has been on front pages of every paper this weekend and trying to act like everything is fine. It just looks awkward.”

  • Pictured: Holly and Phil put on united front

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  • Phil stages fight back on air, says body language expert

    By Judi James, body language expert

    Phillip Schofield unleashed his “fight-back” yesterday as he stepped out in front of the cameras alongside Holly Willoughby according to a body language expert.

    Judi James said: “The guy tinkling a tune on a grand piano gave the initial impression that Holly and Phil had bottled it after all but it was a smart ice-breaker, giving Phil the advantage.”

    Judi added: “He then stepped into pose with a power-pose leg splay and his hands thrust into his pockets.

    “While Phil’s body language oozed perky confidence, Holly’s was showing strong signs of self-diminishing to suggest the opposite. Her hands began clasped at chest level with the fingers pointing upward in a signal of self-protective anxiety.”

  • Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby refuse to address growing doubts over their future

    The duo refused to address growing doubts over their future during their incredibly awkward return to This Morning yesterday.

    Holly and Phil’s working relationship has come under scrutiny after it was revealed they have had a huge falling out and Holly had ‘cut ties’ with her co-host.

  • Holly and Phil will be on screen together until July

    Holly and Phil will be on screen together until late July.

    The pair will then take a six-week summer break.

    It is believed they will hold talks with ITV on how they can move forward before their return in September.

  • When did Phillip Schofield join This Morning?

    Philip Schofield has been working in TV and radio since he was 19 years old.

    He first started presenting in 1982, working on a show called Shazam! in New Zealand.

    He joined This Morning in 2002, replacing John Leslie and co-hosting with Fern Britton.

  • When did Holly Willoughby join This Morning?

    Holly Willoughby has worked in media since early 2000 as a model, TV presenter and author.

    She joined the This Morning show in 2009, replacing Fern Britton.

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