Big Brother final LIVE — Jordan crowned winner of Big Brother 2023 and scoops £100k grand prize

Big Brother final LIVE — Jordan crowned winner of Big Brother 2023 and scoops £100k grand prize

BIG BROTHER has a new champion after Jordan was crowned the winner in an epic live final last night.

Jordan walked away with a whopping £100,000 after fending off competition from HenryNokyOlivia and Yinrun.

And the first words out of his mouth after his name was called out by hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best summed him up perfectly.

“I can now pay my council tax,” Jordan quipped, ever so dryly.

Olivia finished the series in second place, Henry in third, Yinrun fourth, and Noky in fifth.

Thursday night’s penultimate episode saw Matty get the boot as part of a shock twist, leaving these five housemates left after six weeks of twists and turns.  

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  • The new class

    Big Brother 2023 may now be over, but show bosses are already looking ahead to next year.

    During the live finale, which saw Jordan crowned as the winner, host AJ Odudu confirmed applications for the 2024 series are now open.

    Eagle-eyed fans and hopeful contestants have jumped straight on the application form and claimed it says they will have to set aside “eight weeks” for the show.

    This would make it two weeks longer than the 2023 series, which wrapped last night. Exciting!

  • Fix row

    Big Brother was hit with cries of “a fix” during the epic finale on Friday night.

    Five housemates had made it to the last leg – Jordan, Henry, Yinrun, Oliva and Noky – but fans weren’t happy about the order they exited.

    Noky was first out, followed by Yinrun. And people were stunned to see the Chinese housemate finish in fourth place.

    Angry fans took to X – formerly Twitter – to vent their frustration and share their admiration for fan-favourite Yinrun.

    One fan penned: “No I did not just hear Yinrun 4th place?? What type of fix is this?”

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  • Celebrities, get ready…

    With the civilian Big Brother now over, fans are desperate for the upcoming series of Celebrity Big Brother to begin.

    And one familiar face has dropped a very big hint that he could be entering the house – again.

    Brian Dowling Gourounlian won the second series of the show in 2001 and later presented two series’ of BB and four CBB series’.

    He also won Ultimate Big Brother in 2010.

    Brian has now cryptically told The Sun: “If the money was right. That’s the only way they could get me back in the house for a third time. I’m the ultimate housemate. There’s no one else that’s an ultimate.”

  • Wanted to walk

    Following his shock eviction through the back door on Thursday night, Matty revealed he had tried to quit Big Brother THREE times.

    The 24-year-old doctor from the Isle of Man said he was pushed to breaking point due to “mean girls”, who he named as Olivia, Hallie and Kerry.

    But each time he contemplated walking, Matty says bosses convinced him to stay.

    Matty exclusively told The Sun: “I wanted to quit a good few times when it felt like there was a mean girl group developing at the start and I felt like ‘I’m over this, I’m going to walk’.”

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  • RIP BB 2023

    Remember in times gone by when Big Brother would finish each series with a montage of the empty house and the echos of the housemates’ voices?

    It was all very emotional if truth be told.

    But the fact they’ve broken all rules and returned to the house for a snoop around on BB’s Late and Live probably means we won’t be getting this.

    Waaaa. Shame.

  • Dressing down

    Ew. Henry spent much of the past six weeks in the same unwashed dressing gown as he “didn’t know” how to clean it.

    Don’t fret, it was cleaned once. But only thanks to Yinrun.

    When asked during the final BB Late and Live if he’d ever washed it , Henry replied: “I lived in that dressing gown and no, because I didn’t know how to wash it. Yinrun washed it for me.”

  • Whatsup WhatsApp

    So First Out Farida reckons she WAS invited to the Big Brother WhatsApp group after all.

    Hallie revealed this week that “everyone” was in the group “apart from Farida”.

    But speaking on BB spin-off Late and Live, Farida claims she WAS invited to the WhatsApp group but hadn’t noticed as she has been soooo inundated with messages.

  • Yinrun for the winrun

    The Late and Live panel are surprised Yinrun didn’t win Big Brother.

    It was definitely a shocker that she finished in fourth place!

    Even AJ and Will had tipped her to win on Day 1 of the series.

    Was there a fault with her voting line or something?!

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  • Get together

    This year’s housemates are all about to reunite for the first time.

    But there is an elephant in the room.

    Trish has been axed from the live final after shocking ‘racist and homophobic’ tweets from her past resurfaced following her eviction last Friday.

    Who’s gonna tell Jordan?

  • A real winner

    Jordan has actually been left speechless after he was asked how it feels to have won.

    He couldn’t even answer when asked what he will spend his £100,000 winnings on.

    Don’t let Henry get his hands on it. It’ll be gone within days the way he drinks champagne!

  • Side by side

    Loving the fact Henry and Matty have been made to sit next to each other on Big Brother’s Late and Live.

    Good move by the producers. But slightly awkward for Matty.

    Especially with Jordan revealing his plans to whisk Henry to a five-star hotel…

  • We all saw it

    To think that Henry and Jordan believed we wouldn’t have seen what went down in the hot tub.

    Clearly they never tuned in to the Makosi/ Antony Hutton series of Big Brother.

    Of COURSE we saw it!

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  • Music man

    Classic. Jordan came straight out of the house and asked what on earth they were playing to accompany his exit.

    Him dissing the producers’ choice of music sums up why he has won this BB series perfectly.

    What WAS that music, anyway?!

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  • In shock

    He’s playing it cool, but Jordan is clearly shocked at his triumph.

    He deserves it though. Listen to that chanting of his name!

  • He comes the winner

    We are a mere few minutes away from our Big Brother champion leaving the house.

    Jordan is a winner and he can now pay his council tax. Double yay!

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  • Eyes on Paul

    Olivia has once again described Paul as ‘me in male form’.

    She even describes it as “scary”.

    But fans are noticing that he isn’t looking her way…mainly because he has a girlfriend.

  • Liv-ed up

    Olivia looks gorgeous – even though she admits she’s freezing.

    She is hardy, being from Glasgow. But please – someone hand the poor girl a coat!

  • Second place babe

    Olivia is “buzzing” after finishing Big Brother 2023 in second place.

    And what a babe for jumping straight up and congratulating Jordan on his win.

    Good on you, gal!

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  • Jordan wins Big Brother 2023!

    Jordan has done it – he has been crowned the winner of Big Brother 2023!

    His dry wit clinched it but Olivia was certainly a worthy runner-up.

    Well done, guys! You’ve both been brilliant!

  • Seconds away

    We are just seconds away from finding out who our Big Brother 2023 winner is.

    Will it be Olivia or Jordan who finishes in first place?

    The pair have certainly kept us entertained over the past few weeks.

    Henry has picked Jordan has his winner, but there are plenty of fans also rooting for Olivia.

    There’s been six million votes in total. Wowzers.

  • Mum’s the word

    The good news is, Henry’s mum has given her approval on his romance with Jordan.

    “I agree!” she said, as AJ and Will reminded Henry of him telling Jordan ‘his mum would approve’.

    It appears they’ve been busy planning many a luxury mini-break together. New York, Florence…

    Can’t wait to see the snaps, guys!

  • Love triangle

    Well that was awkward for Matty – Henry LOL’ing on live TV about being in a love triangle with him and Jordan.

    It’s easy for him to LOL, considering he got the guy!

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  • Time’s up!

    The voting line is now closed. That’s it – the winner has been chosen.

    Olivia or Jordan, who’s it going to be?

    There’s only one winner in Henry’s eyes.

  • What we’re waiting for

    It’s the interview we’ve been waiting for.

    What will Henry have to say about Jordan?

    I’ll be keeping an eye out for Matty’s reaction for sure…

  • Almost…I love you

    “I adore you, Henry,” Jordan said, as Henry left the Big Brother house. “I won’t say the other word,” he added.

    Aww, these guys. What a love story.

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