California’s lefty ‘devolution’ sends the homeless back to the stone age, living in caves

California’s lefty ‘devolution’ sends the homeless back to the stone age, living in caves

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Gosh, those blue state policies around homelessness sure are compassionate: In California, the homeless get to live in caves!

That’s right: A homeless encampment near Modesto was discovered dug into riverside caves. Post-clearout, the trash filling the 20-foot-deep underground habitats was enough to cram two trucks and a trailer. 

In other words, progressives aren’t revolutionaries, they’re devolutionaries. 

The drugs and violence afflicting San Francisco’s Tenderloin are so serious the city called a state of emergency within the area. 

Heck, piracy recently resurged in the Bay itself. 

LA cleared literal tens of thousands of homeless people off its streets this year, but tens of thousands more remain.

And the squalor clearly isn’t confined to the formerly Golden State’s big coastal cities; Modesto is inland, with a relatively small population a bit over 200,000. 

Worse still: The caves have been cleared before, a local volunteer reported, only for the homeless to return. 

So they’ll be back again after the latest clearout. 

Persistent populations of homeless people who colonize public spaces for their private use are the result of policy choices — rooted in the same “progressive” approach of turning blind eyes to felony drug use, retail crime and public disorder

Including the disastrous federal rulings of the famously left-leaning Ninth Circuit, which covers western states, that punishing people even civilly for public sleeping and camping (like in river caves) violates 8th Amendment rules against cruel and unusual punishment. 

Small wonder that Los Angeles saw around 75,500 people homeless on any given night in 2023, a major jump over 2022. 

Or that San Francisco has seen tourism plummet 16% over pre-pandemic levels while office vacancies hit a record 31% in May. 

Even the state’s ultra-woke Gov. Gavin Newsom has called the homelessness crisis a “disgrace,” which is the understatement of the century

But the Modesto caves show that this progressive disaster is quite literally plumbing the depths.

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