Silent Hill: The Short Message is available to play for free right now for PS5 owners

Silent Hill: The Short Message is available to play for free right now for PS5 owners

The most recent State of Play had a lot to offer, especially for horror fans who have been waiting patiently for more news concerning the upcoming Silent Hill 2 remake, and while this may not be the remake fans were hoping for, it is a way to pass the time until we get it. 

Silent Hill: The Short Message is a new short-form Silent Hill experience that will cover contemporary problems for a younger audience. “We wanted to make a new, modern Silent Hill,” producer at Konami, Motoi Okamoto, explained in a blog post. “We ended up looking at how modern youth communicate online and through phones, and the role that could play in a psychological horror story. For instance, a frightening thing about social media is how even insignificant individual comments can, en masse, build and build until they become this overwhelming wave of hate.” 

The protagonist, a young woman called Anita, will follow her friend’s obscure messages to a crumbling apartment block that is shrouded in macabre rumors of death and crime. Soon, Anita finds herself trapped in an otherworldly space that is haunted by a twisted monster. “Can’t leave till you find it,” the words of her friend, which is the only help Anita will get in solving this mystery. 

“This game started as something like an experimental project – an opportunity for us to try out different things, see what worked and what didn’t, and grow and polish our horror game expertise,” Okamoto said. 

While this may not be the horror game that many Silent Hill fans were waiting to see, it’s still great to have a new story for players to dive into while we wait for the real deal. 

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