Failed crypto star ‘Bitboy’ who says he lost $40M fortune accused of extortion, sexual harassment

Failed crypto star ‘Bitboy’ who says he lost $40M fortune accused of extortion, sexual harassment

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It’s all gone too bit for him.

Once a famous cryptocurrency YouTuber known as “BitBoy,” Ben Armstrong has since lost everything — his wealth, his prized Lamborghini, his business, and now his wife, who recently filed for divorce.

The former graphic designer and car wash owner who overcame a methamphetamine addiction skyrocketed to fame six years ago by sharing advice on digital currency and advocating for investors.

His shtick appealed to average Joe’s and those looking to get rich quickly.

But crypto has crashed in the last two years and Armstrong, 41, who has said he once had $40 million of the currency, is now being accused of extortion, theft, sexual harassment, and workplace violence, the New York Times reported.

The downfall began in August when Armstrong was booted from his company, HIT Network, according to the outlet.

He was accused in a lawsuit of abusing steroids and hurling bottles of protein shakes at the company staff, allegations Armstrong has denied.

Ben Armstrong, a cryptocurrency influencer known online as BitBoy, has reportedly lost it all, including his wealth and his marriage to wife Bethany, who has filed for divorce. Instagram/benarmstrongactually
Ben Armstrong (left), a cryptocurrency influencer previously known as BitBoy, was booted from his company and is now facing lawsuits for workplace behavior. Instagram/benarmstrongactually

“Ben lost track of the person he used to be,” T.J. Shedd, Armstrong’s former business partner, said in a statement to the Times. “He caused enormous damage to both his professional and personal relationships.”

Shedd filed a lawsuit against Armstrong for “unlawfully directing and diverting” as much as $50,000 a month to his mistress, Cassandra Wolfe.

Armstrong’s wife, Bethany, filed for divorce in October.

Ben Armstrong has been accused of transferring as much as $50,000 a month from his company to Cassandra Wolfe, with whom he was apparently having an affair. Instagram/duchessofdefi
Armstrong lost his prized Lamborghini in what he says was extortion. Instagram/benarmstrongactually

In January, the Atlanta influencer canceled his daily livestream show, telling his followers, “We’re barely making it out here, guys. We’ve got lawyers coming at me from every angle.”

He has claimed in social media posts and videos that he is the victim of a “criminal conspiracy” by “terrorists” who took over his YouTube channel and declared, “BitBoy is dead.”

In another interview, he said, “I’m going through a midlife crisis … a spiritual crisis.”

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