‘I thought I was going crazy’ says PS5 owner after discovering ‘shocking’ free controller upgrade

‘I thought I was going crazy’ says PS5 owner after discovering ‘shocking’ free controller upgrade

A SIMPLE PlayStation mistake might be making your controller worse.

There’s a microphone setting that affects how strongly your PS5‘s DualSense controller will vibrate.

Make sure you're not accidentally making your controller worse
Make sure you’re not accidentally making your controller worseCredit: Sony PlayStation

It’s free to resolve this strange quirk, so you can get the full PS5 “haptic” effect in seconds if you know what to do.

The trick was revealed in a Reddit thread that earned hundreds of upvotes.

“I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere before,” the PS5 owner explained.

“I just went into the controller setting for the first time in about a year of owning my PS5.

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“And it turns out that if the mic is unmuted, Dualsense vibration and trigger feedback is automatically set to weak, to get strong feedback you have to mute the mic.”

The DualSense controller has a built-in microphone that is automatically switched on when you play games.

You can mute this by pressing the small bar below the PS button on your DualSense controller..

But if you keep it active, the vibration and trigger effects of your controller will be dampened.

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The PS5 owner continued: “I tested both mic muted and unmuted and in both Doom Eternal and Dead Space there’s a noticeable difference.

“I thought I was going crazy, with the Dualsense sometimes feeling stronger (when I was using the headphones) and sometimes feeling weaker (when playing without headphones).

“What’s more shocking is that I haven’t seen Sony mention this anywhere, or I would have been muting my mic this entire time.”

Thankfully it’s possible to set your DualSense controller to auto-mute.

Just boot up your PS5 and then go into the Settings menu.

Navigate to Sound > Microphone and then choose Mute under Microphone Status When Logged In.

That way, your controller will be automatically muted when you switch it on.


If you’re unhappy with your controller’s vibration strength, you should also check your DualSense settings.

Go to Settings > Accessibility and then look under Vibration Intensity and Trigger Effect Intensity.

You’ll be able to choose between Off, Weak, Medium, and Strong.

For the best effect, choose Strong – but do so cautiously.


Some players prefer to have weak (or no) controller effects in competitive multiplayer games.

So if you’re a big fan of Call of Duty and you play at a high level, it could be worth keeping the controller feedback options set to Off or Weak.


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