‘He’s a gaslighter!’ rant fuming All Stars viewers as they slam Josh Ritchie after ‘crazy’ scenes

‘He’s a gaslighter!’ rant fuming All Stars viewers as they slam Josh Ritchie after ‘crazy’ scenes

LOVE Island fans have slammed Joshua Ritchie and labelled him a ‘gaslighter’ after ‘crazy’ scenes tonight.

Viewers of the ITV2 show were unimpressed after Josh spoke to Sophie early in the episode and defended his flirtation with Joanna Chimonides.

Sophie Piper was not impressed by what Josh Ritchie had to say
Sophie Piper was not impressed by what Josh Ritchie had to sayCredit: ITV2
Josh was accused of 'gaslighting' by furious fans
Josh was accused of ‘gaslighting’ by furious fansCredit: ITV2

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Josh and Sophie were discussing the fallout from last night’s PDA Awards, where Josh was shown telling Joanna he was open to getting to know her after previously calling Sophie ‘wifey material’.

Sophie berated Josh for making her “look like a mug” and told him his behaviour made her want to take a step back.

Josh then pulled Sophie to try and sort things out, but viewers felt like he tried to manipulate her when he told her he didn’t like the “tone of voice” she took with him.

Josh said: “I’m not gonna lie, the way that you spoke to me over there makes me take a step back.”

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“You’re in the wrong here Josh,” Sophie fired back. “Don’t try and make it look like I’m an idiot now.”

Josh then repeated that he didn’t like “the tone and manner” in which she spoke.

Needless to say, viewers were not happy.

One fan fumed on X, formerly twitter: “he gaslighting from josh is crazy, what do you mean tone and voice??”

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A second ranted: “Not Josh gaslighting Sophie like that. Wtf.”

A third screamed: “Josh pretending he’s stepping back because of how she reacted instead of just saying he wants Joanna is top tier gaslighting.”

What is gaslighting?

You’ve heard the term, but do you know what it means?

Gaslighting is essentially a control tactic used to manipulate others by using deceptive behaviour to make you doubt your own sanity – often making the victim feel like they are going crazy, questioning their actions, while explaining away their own.

Worryingly, we are seeing more of this on our TV screens, with reality shows like Love Island criticised for allowing such manipulative behaviour among young couples.

Victims usually start to question their memory and perception as a result of psychological manipulation, with gaslighters tending to twist words or convince victims they said or did something they didn’t.

They will try to make you look unreasonable or irrational, distorting reality to make you feel guilty – trivialising your feelings and excusing their own bad behaviour.

And a fourth simply said: “Stop gaslighting Josh.”

After Sophie told Josh he was welcome to get to know Joanna and take a step back, he ended up pulling Jo to the terrace the next morning.

Josh told her: “If I’m open, I can get to know anybody in here. I think we’re both in the same scenario really…are you a risk taker?”

Joanna replied: “Not really but maybe I should be like that.”

Later in the episode, however, Josh appeared to have a change of heart and told Sophie he was going to tell Joanna that he was focusing all his energy on her.

He then stayed true to his word and had a chat with Joanna, who claimed she was relieved to have clarity and felt less tense.

But while she said she was happy to keep cracking on with Chris, she was confused by Josh’s u-turn so soon after pulling her to the balcony that morning.

She then filled Sophie in on the secret terrace chat, which made her once again doubt Josh’s honesty.


After another heart to heart, however, the pair appeared to be back on track – for now at least.

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