Shocking video captures Amazon driver trying to steal woman’s puppy from yard

Shocking video captures Amazon driver trying to steal woman’s puppy from yard


An Amazon driver in Georgia is out of a job after a customer accused him of trying to steal the family’s dog – and captured the confrontation on video.

Terrika Currence, of Henry County in suburban Atlanta, said her young daughter noticed that the driver lured their red nose pitbull into his delivery truck, WSB-TV reported.

“As I open the door to put the package in the house, and the dog food, my daughter screams and says, ‘The Amazon guy stole our puppy!’” Currence, who owns her own skin care company, Beyond Skin Deep, told the outlet.

She said she rushed to confront the driver and shot video of her pooch inside the vehicle.

“F—g Amazon done took my f—g dog out my f—g yard!” Currence can be heard yelling in the clip.

She then opened the truck’s rear door and was shocked to see the pet inside.

A metro Atlanta women captured video of an Amazon delivery driver allegedly trying to swipe her pooch.
The worker has been fired and police are investigating the incident. Atlanta News First / Youtube

“As soon as I opened the truck, he has the puppy inside of a bin. I had to grab the puppy and get him off the truck,” Currence told WSB-TV.

“He was ready to pull off with our dog,” she said, adding that “he didn’t give any explanation” about what he did.

“He literally told me the dog was pretty and that he would love to have a puppy, but I wasn’t thinking he was going to take my puppy,” Currence told Atlanta News First.

Terrika Currence couldn’t believe the Amazon driver anted her dog. Atlanta News First / Youtube

“With my daughter, I really have a hard time with her now because now she’s in fear that every time a delivery driver comes, they’re potentially going to take the puppy,” she added.

In a statement to the outlet, an Amazon rep said: “We’ve apologized to the customer and glad their dog was returned unharmed.

“The driver involved is no longer delivering for Amazon and we’ve reached out to law enforcement to assist as they investigate,” the spokesperson said.

Currence told WSB-TV that “it gives me relief that he’s fired but if he’s doing things like that, I’m sure, you know it’s in his character. He’ll do it again.”

Henry County police are investigating the incident.

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