McDonald’s losing low-income costumers is fresh proof Bidenomics is bunk

McDonald’s losing low-income costumers is fresh proof Bidenomics is bunk

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Would you like a side of sticker shock with that?

Thanks to Bidenomics, low-income folks are ditching not-so-Happy Meals as dining at McDonald’s is out of their price range.

Facing astronomically high food costs, the chain’s prices skyrocketed 10% last year, with a Big Mac combo meal setting costumers in some areas back $18; hikes this year are set to run another 2% to 3%.

As a result, Mickey D’s global sales are sluggish, so CEO Chris Kempczinski is promising to focus on “affordability” to try luring costumers back.

But it’s not just the eatery’s prices keeping costumers home: With inflation still stinging Americans, diners who make less than $45,000 a year, historically the chain’s bread-and-butter clientele, are spending less on eating out.

And there’s only so much McDonald’s c-suite can do.

Inflation and other progressive policies are a perfect storm for higher costs.

Individual stores are owned by franchisees, who must take local factors into consideration when setting prices, so a Quarter Pounder will put a bigger dent in your wallet in ultra-blue states like Massachusetts, Vermont, California and New York, where the left has successfully bumped the minimum wage.

Indeed, Cali’s boosting the minimum to $20 an hour: No more cheap fast food there!

Oh, and the left is pushing nationally for laws that treat workers at franchises as if they work for the national corporation — an upending of the business model that’ll further goose prices and potentially close hundreds of outlets.

McDonald’s is famous for the number of its managers who started off flipping burgers; destroying that ladder of success is a real blow to upward mobility in America.

Do progressives care that their policies keep hurting the very people they’re supposed to help?

When a night out at McDonald’s is now a luxury for many Americans, its obvious why President Biden is getting slammed in polls over his handling of the economy.

Voters are learning that when a Democrat is in charge, your McDouble will cost double.

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