‘Cooped up’ tiny dog poops on United Airlines flight as fellow travelers scramble to figure out the culprit: ‘Accidents happen’

‘Cooped up’ tiny dog poops on United Airlines flight as fellow travelers scramble to figure out the culprit: ‘Accidents happen’

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Pick up after your dog!

A dog let out of its crate by their owner left a smelly mess on a United Airlines flight that forced unlucky passengers to suffer onboard the aircraft, WGN-TV reported.

Travelers who departed from Portland en route to Denver claimed a woman’s fussy chihuahua was behind the chaos when she let the small pup out of their crate at some point during the flight Monday,

One man, who identified himself only as Nick, recounted passengers were hit with a nasty “poop smell” that forced one pregnant lady sitting directly behind the madness to hit the call button for flight attendant assistance.

Looking around to see where the unbearable smell was coming from, Nick says he and the pregnant lady, seated in the back of the plane, immediately spotted the stinky dog out of the crate.

“I turned on my phone light, and that’s when I realized the dog was out. And we were debating was it her [the owner] or was it the dog,” Nick said.

A pregnant women sitting behind the foul-smelling dog made a call for flight attendants to hurry to the scene. WGNTV

Passenger Nick also said he heard the dog’s owner possibly foreshadow the disaster.

‘She mentioned earlier, when I was first seated, that she hadn’t taken it to the bathroom during the airport. I think they have relief centers so it probably was cooped up in the cage the whole time,” Nick said to WGN.

When flight attendants made their way to the pregnant woman — they discovered dog feces on the edge of an aisle seat.

Passengers recalled when they first smelled the feces, only soon to realize the dog was out of their crate. WGNTV

To make matters even worse, another passenger claimed the lady refused to move with her foul-smelling chihuahua or take responsibility for cleaning the nasty mess.

“The lady was reluctant to move or to deal with it, and the flight attendants were slow to come,” another passenger named Burton Bix told WGN.

“They cleaned it eventually. They were wearing hazmat-type clothes, and they cleaned the seat around it.”

According to nearby travelers, the flight attendants were very slow to respond to the dog’s mess. WGNTV

Surrounding passengers in the same aisle also said they were unable to move or switch seats because the plane was in full flight.

Like most airline’s rules regarding small pets on flights, United makes it very clear to passengers that any pet brought on board must be a service animal that can fit under the seat in their cabins.

“Traveling with pets in-cabin is only allowed for cats and dogs when there’s space available. This carrier must fit under the seat in front of you or you cannot fly with your pet. There can only be one pet per carrier, and they must be able to stand up and turn around while inside,” their site reads.

Bix said the dog owner mentioned that she hadn’t taken he dog out to use the bathroom before getting on the flight, claiming to hear her say before the plane took off, “I’m going to take him out anyway.”

A UA spokesperson told the outlet they offered vouchers in electronic credits to passengers on the flight.

“Our inflight crew thoughtfully cleaned the area shortly after customers brought it to our attention. We provided sanitizing wipes and offered travel vouchers to those in the surrounding area,” UA announced.

Sad to say, similar incidents have happened in recent years — as another passenger was in for a smelly awakening aboard their flight in 2018.

A Michigan passenger was furious after stepping on dog feces aboard a Delta Atlanta-to-Miami flight — but when asking flight attendants for assistance to clean it off, the situation turned for the worse.

The passenger said the flight attendants’ response was as shocking as the disgusting find that made it to his shoe, claiming they only gave him paper towels and a small bottle of gin to clean it up.

“I’m NOT HAPPY DELTA! SICK,” he wrote on Facebook. “Is this even legal? This is a HEALTH CODE VIOLATION!”


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