Prince Harry and King Charles ‘won’t rule out another meeting’ after royal made transatlantic dash to see his cancer-stricken father – but experts say strained relationship is showing after Duke failed to see William or Kate as she recovers from surgery

Prince Harry and King Charles ‘won’t rule out another meeting’ after royal made transatlantic dash to see his cancer-stricken father – but experts say strained relationship is showing after Duke failed to see William or Kate as she recovers from surgery

Harry and Charles could meet again after their emotional reunion but there is no sign of a thawing in the ‘incredibly broken’ relationship between The Duke of Sussex and his brother William, royal experts have said. 

Prince Harry flew 5,000 miles from California yesterday to see his father for 45 minutes following the King’s shock cancer diagnosis

But while Harry’s transatlantic dash raised hopes he will continue to heal wounds with his family, there hasn’t been ‘any sign’ of a reunion between the two royal brothers. 

BBC Royal Correspondent Daniela Relph said the chances of a reconciliation between William and Harry remains unlikely given their ongoing feud. 

‘It’s a sibling relationship that still looks incredibly broken. We don’t know if either side has reached out in any way, if there has been any attempt to find a truce. As things stand there doesn’t seem to be any sign of that,’ she told Radio 4. 

Prince Harry is seen in the car as he arrives at Clarence House to meet his father King Charles

There is no sign of a thawing in the 'incredibly broken' relationship between William and Harry while their father is being treated for cancer

It is likely Harry will not see Princess Catherine, who is recovering from surgery, during his stay in London

‘You have to read that as a sign of the state of their relationship, nothing in the diary we’re told for them to meet up while Harry’s in the UK.

‘It also means Harry won’t be visiting his sister-in-law, the Princess of Wales, who has been unwell, someone he was once very close to.’ 

It is unlikely Harry will visit his brother’s wife Kate as she recovers at home with her husband and three children – George, Charlotte and Louis – having recently endured abdominal surgery.  

Speaking about Harry’s meeting with Charles, Ms Relph said: ‘This is a father and son who have seen very little of each other over the past four years.

‘The relationship has been incredibly strained and complicated.

‘It mattered that Harry was here, it mattered that the King wanted to see him.

‘Very different when it comes to his brother the Prince of Wales, Harry and William will not be seeing each other.’ 

The Duke of Sussex was one of the first family members seen to visit Charles after his shock diagnosis was made public. 

Another visit by Harry to his father has not been ruled out, according to The Telegraph, but it is understood the Duke will not be making a visit to his older brother while staying in London. 

Royal biographer Robert Hardman told Radio 4 that it is common for feuding families to ‘come together’ during tough times. 

Mr Hardman said: ‘In times of crisis families do come together, and I think everyone will be happy to see that.

‘I think there is a sort of sense of business as usual going on and that’s very much a message that the palace is trying to put out, but if along the way we can see some bridges being built, then that’s got to be a good thing.’

Did Charles delay his flight back to Sandringham from Buckingham Palace yesterday so he could spend a few more precious minutes with his youngest son? 

The Royal helicopter picking up the King and Queen spent nearly 13 minutes circling around Surrey before its arrival at Buckingham Palace.

Flight tracker records show the mauve-coloured Sikorsky S-76C from The King’s Helicopter Flight flew two loops around Surrey before heading into central London.

King Charles is seen with his youngest son Prince Harry in 1995 when the Duke of Sussex was a child

King Charles is seen with his wife Queen Camilla as they leave by car from Clarence House in London yesterday

Princess Anne smiles as she speaks with military personnel during her visit to the Defence Explosive Ordnance Disposal Training Regiment at St George's Barracks today

It is possible Princess Anne could help out with some of the King's more public duties as he is treated for cancer

Harry was seen leaving Clarence House at 3.31pm, having spent just over 45 minutes with his father following the revelation on Monday that the King was battling cancer.

Charles, who had been in London to receive treatment, left Clarence House just seven minutes later with Camilla at 3.38pm to board the helicopter in the grounds of Buckingham Palace, suggesting that their bags were already packed.

Royal Historian Kelly Swaby told Radio 4 that a health scare such as Charles’s is ‘always a chance for a truce’ after a family conflict. 

‘The reaction the Royal Family are showing at the minute I think would be the same in every family across the country. A health scare – a major health news is always a chance for a truce or a revaluation of a situation in someone’s personal life, so I think we should take Prince Harry coming back to the UK as a sign that maybe there is going to be a truce for a while,’ she said. 

‘A son is coming back to see his Dad who has just received awful news.’

However, biographer Ingrid Seward told GB News that Harry’s return to London is ‘unhelpful’ and will cause ‘problems’. 

‘My immediate reaction is how unhelpful is that? That’s not very kind of me. I just thought you really don’t need somebody coming into this mix at this slightly tense moment, that is going to cause more problems than they can solve,’ she said. 

‘Of course Harry wants to see his father and he hasn’t fallen out with his father despite what he’s said about the Queen. Charles has remained very calm about it.

‘But the Royal Family don’t like confronting these emotional issues and I think Harry will come over here, he will be perfectly nice to everyone, everyone will be perfectly nice to him, and then they’ll just hope that he goes back pretty soon.’

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