Anonymous ‘Crazy Days and Nights’ gossip blogger exposed amid extramarital affair

Anonymous ‘Crazy Days and Nights’ gossip blogger exposed amid extramarital affair

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The anonymous blogger behind a popular Hollywood gossip site has been unmasked as a lawyer who once ran for Congress as a progressive Democrat.

John Robert Nelson has kept his identity secret since he first launched “Crazy Days and Nights” back in 2006 — using the moniker “Ent Lawyer” on all of his posts and in podcasts, the Daily Beast first reported.

Over the years, the blog has become infamous for publishing sensational and inflammatory claims about unnamed celebrities that were oftentimes inaccurate.

In fact, the site even admits in a disclaimer that “certain situations, characters and events portrayed in this blog are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

“Information on this site may contain errors or inaccuracies; the blog’s proprietor does not make warranty as to the correctness or reliability of the site’s content.”

But the blog has also been credited with beating other major publications to break stories — including the allegations against former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

It remains unclear whether Nelson is currently a lawyer, or if he ever practiced entertainment law like his moniker suggests.

His identity finally came to light in the brutal fallout from his affair with Florida podcaster Cassandra Crose.

He and his wife, Victoria, filed a restraining order against Crose in the US District Court for the Middle District of Florida in November, and included information that matches up to the woman’s claims on social media that he is the author of the blog site.

Nelson does not state specifically in the legal filing that he is the proverbial “Ent Lawyer,” but makes many references to a popular blog site he runs and included a screengrab of an X post of someone referring to the work of “Ent Lawyer” to show how successful he was.

In the court filing, the couple said Nelson engaged in an “intimate relationship” with Crose, which turned bad when Crose learned Nelson entered the relationship under false pretenses — claiming he was single and living alone.

She allegedly threatened to reveal Nelson’s online persona to the public, but Nelson paid her at least $1,500 each month in hush money “to keep her from exposing me,” according to the court filing.

But even with these payments, the couple claims Crose continued to threaten them and their children — forcing them to seek a restraining order against her.

Nelson used the moniker “Ent Lawyer” on all of his posts on the site and in podcasts. crazydaysandnights

As news of the court filing spread online — with many realizing Nelson must be the “Ent Lawyer” — Crose started to speak about her relationship with the mysterious blogger.

At first, she said, “I was actually terrified to even say his name,” but after she received the complaint, she told her friend Tiffany Busby, “We need to sit down and talk about this,” Crose told The Post.

In the debut episode of her podcast, “Drenched in Drama,” she explained that she purchased the opportunity to record an episode with Nelson for her other podcast, “Cassandra Explains It All.”

He then continued to contact and record episodes with her, and a romantic relationship ensued, she told the Daily Beast.

Nelson would call her every evening to talk to her and her children, and would call her after his own children went to bed, as well, Crose claimed.

Over the years, the blog has become infamous for publishing sensational and inflammatory claims about unnamed celebrities that were oftentimes inaccurate. crazydaysandnights

Eventually, Nelson’s wife contacted her with concerns that he was cheating, and Nelson claimed his wife was an alcoholic and he planned to separate from her, Crose claimed on her podcast.

She also alleged that he once sent her fraudulent court records to convince her he was seeking a divorce from his wife, and told her listeners that Nelson continued to proclaim his love for her right up until the day he served her with a restraining order.

Just half an hour before she was served with the court papers, Crose said Nelson texted her that he loved her — and the night before, he invited her to a Zoom call to watch him masturbate, the tearful Florida woman told The Post.

They even recorded an episode of his podcast about Tori Spelling together after he went to the police station to file the restraining order, she claimed.

When the restraining order finally came, Crose said she was standing at the door waiting for him to arrive.

Nelson, who is married with children, unsuccessfully ran for Congress as a progressive Democrat in 2018. Instagram / @johnnelson4congress

“He used me for work and for sex and then he nuked my life,” Crose told The Post, claiming that Nelson would pay for her children’s therapy and had promised to have them move in with him in California — prompting her to take the children out of therapy in preparation for the move that never came.

“He could’ve just broken up with me,” she said.

On her podcast, Crose also shared several audio recordings she said Nelson sent her during their relationship, and the voice sounds the same as that of “Ent Lawyer” on the blog’s podcast.

In her cross-complaint, Crose further claimed Nelson was violent and would sometimes choke, slap and hit her.

She also claimed that Nelson forced her to lose about 35 pounds and would monitor her weight, and said that on Jan. 11, 2023, Nelson told her he “killed women before” and was “smart enough” to get away with killing her too.

The Post has reached out to Nelson for comment.

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