Love Island fans spot ‘proof’ Callum and Molly will reunite after ‘clue’ in final seconds of show

Love Island fans spot ‘proof’ Callum and Molly will reunite after ‘clue’ in final seconds of show

LOVE Island fans think they’ve spotted ‘proof’ Callum Jones and Molly Smith with reunite.

Callum, 27, and Molly, 29, split six months before arriving in the Love Island All Stars villa as bombshells.

Fans think Molly and Callum shared a cheeky smile
Fans think Molly and Callum shared a cheeky smileCredit: ITV
While Tom looked less than impressed
While Tom looked less than impressedCredit: ITV
Married At First sight expert Paul Brunson rates Molly and Callum’s reunion chances on our pod ahead of their ‘date’ on tonight’s show

Molly has been enjoying a budding romance with Tom Clare on the show but during last night’s Heart Rate Challenge they were dealt a blow.

At the end of the game the Islanders were told Molly and Tom raised each other’s heartrates the least.

But in a shock twist Molly and Callum raised each other’s the most.

And viewers immediately rushed to social media after spotting a ‘moment’ between Molly and Callum – who is coupled up with Jess Gale – claiming they smiled at each other despite the awkward result.

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One wrote: “Callum and Molly just have to get back together now after that! Little smiles at the end love it.”


And a third added: “It’s happening. Molly and Callum we see them smiles.”

Another moment during last night’s episode also left viewers convinced they’d rumbled Molly and Callum’s ‘game plan’.

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As they reunited in the kitchen to whip up a romantic breakfast for their partners, one person speculated: “Molly and Callum working hard at setting Jess & Tom up.”

A second said:  “Are Callum and Molly setting twin and Tom up.”

While a third remarked:  “I’m starting to believe Molly and Callum have a game plan.”

As they got close in the kitchen, Callum said to Molly: “Who would have thought we’d be making breakfast not for each other, but someone else.”

Later tucking into their French toast, Callum said to Tom: “I bet you thought when you come in the kitchen what are them two doing together?”

Tom joked: “Those guys are back together”

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