TikTok’s AI video assistant now gets creative in Adobe Express

TikTok’s AI video assistant now gets creative in Adobe Express

Adobe and TikTok have launched a “first-of-its-kind integration”, bringing the video hosting app’s Creative Assistant to social media design tool Adobe Express. 

For businesses and content creators keen to take on the massive platform, it can be a little overwhelming – or even disheartening to see few results from short-form video content. The Adobe-TikTok team-up should simplify rapid video content production, with a professional polish that matches even the best video editing apps, featuring data and performance analysis, tips, and TikTok templates, all accessible within Express. 

The AI assistant, formerly only available via TikTok’s Creative Center, promises to collaborate with brands to create organic and paid creative content across the platform. 

What can content creators expect? 

Content creation has never been more important – with HubSpot reporting over half of all consumers watching videos to learn about a product brand, and an estimated 91% of businesses using the medium as a marketing tool. 

That makes platforms like TikTok immensely powerful – and it’s where the new Adobe Express integration comes into play. 

To help businesses and creators succeed on what’s fast become an essential social media platform, the Creative Assistant is able to serve up tips, trends, and advice on best practices. Users will now also gain insights into high-performing adverts and hashtags on the app, with data direct from the TikTok Creative Center. 

As some of the best graphic design software for social media asset production, Adobe Express already offers video templates for TikTok, letting designers and editors create, schedule and publish to the platform. However, now the Creative Assistant will even allow for greater online collaboration and a streamlining of workflows, with AI capable of creating and editing scripts and adding suggestions to make video stand out. 

Intriguingly, the official announcement stated: “Starting in Adobe Express, creators have access to thousands of professionally-designed templates, Adobe Stock video clips, audio, stickers and an Adobe Express TikTok video creator.” Might we one day see TikTok-first integrations coming to the likes of Rush and Premiere Pro? 

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