Fury as woke civil service trainers launch 20 different diversity courses paid for by YOU

Fury as woke civil service trainers launch 20 different diversity courses paid for by YOU

WOKE civil service trainers have been blasted after launching 20 different diversity courses.

The Cabinet Office training — made with taxpayer cash — includes “Cultivating your Cultural Intelligence” and “Creating Inclusive Virtual Teams”.

Woke civil service trainers have implemented 20 different diversity course
Woke civil service trainers have implemented 20 different diversity courseCredit: Getty

But many of the non-mandatory courses sound virtually identical.

They are available through an intranet system and were part of a three-year plan to give staff a “consistent training offering” across departments.

The courses are available to civil servants despite a drive to cut back on “woke” jobs in Whitehall.

Last May, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt ordered a probe into diversity spending in Westminster and in October’s Autumn Statement he said he would target inclusion jobs in civil service personnel cuts.


Senior Tory MP Nigel Mills said: “Creating 20 marginally different courses which achieve basically the same thing is a massive waste of time and money. There has to be more restraint.”

A source said: “Some of these courses are beneficial to staff, and others are legally required under the Equality Act.”

A Government spokesman said: “We offer a range of learning and development opportunities to give staff the skills they need. All courses must be assessed for value for money.

Late last year it was promised that woke policies and pointless public spending would be stamped out under a new scheme launched by the “Minister for Common Sense”.

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Esther McVey said she would halt taxpayer cash being wasted on diversity schemes and costly quangos while families are being forced to tighten their belts.

Writing in the Daily Mail, the top Tory said: “I am often frustrated at hearing how our fine public institutions are hamstrung by unnecessary working practices, or are using public money in wasteful ways.

“I believe one of the Government’s New Year resolutions should be to ensure all parts of the public sector embrace common sense instead of political correctness.

Ms McVey, 56, added she would probe Government spending “to help root out waste and unnecessary bureaucracy” – adding: “The public is crying out for more common-sense decisions across the public sector.”

She will also encourage more Brits from outside London to apply for top Civil Service jobs.

Those modules in full:

Collaborating Effectively in Cross-Cultural Teams;

Creating an Inclusive Culture; Creating Inclusive Virtual Teams;

Creating Team Inclusivity;

Cultivating your Cultural Intelligence;

Dealing with Everyday Racism;

Disability Inclusive Management;

Ignite Inclusion;

Inclusive Leadership;

Leading Inclusive Teams;

Managing Inclusion;

Modern Leadership;

Skills for Managing a Diverse Workforce;

Neurodiversity in the Workplace;

Leading Inclusively;

Power of Choice;

Respect Training; Sexual Harassment;

Understanding Multiple Perspectives;

Working with Different Cultures.


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