‘Fallout’ trailer welcomes us to an unhinged apocalypse

‘Fallout’ trailer welcomes us to an unhinged apocalypse

Zip up your jumpsuits and chug some Nuka-Cola, because a new trailer for Prime Video‘s Fallout series has just dropped.

Adapted from Bethesda’s best-selling video games, and produced by Westworld‘s Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, Fallout launches us into a post-apocalyptic wasteland. 200 years before the show, a nuclear war wiped out civilization. Some survivors were able to hunker down in luxury underground vaults. Among these Vault-dwellers is Lucy (Yellowjackets Ella Purnell), an optimist on a mission to the surface to save her father (Twin Peaks Kyle MacLachlan). But the world she’ll find outside the vault is stranger than she could ever have expected.

The trailer introduces us to some of the allies and adversaries Lucy will cross paths with. There’s a very polite organ-harvesting robot, a new dog companion (named CX404 instead of Dogmeat for the show), and a hostile mutant bear, aka a Yao guai. On the human side, we have Maximus (Emancipation‘s Aaron Moten), a determined member of the militaristic Brotherhood of Steel, and the Ghoul (The Righteous Gemstones‘ Walton Goggins), a bounty hunter who appears to have been alive at the start of the Great War. In the face of an often unforgiving wasteland, will Lucy be able to maintain her can-do spirit and save her father? Or will her trials disillusion her and turn her into a killer? The trailer’s foreboding final beats certainly point towards the latter.

All episodes of Fallout premiere Apr. 11 on Prime Video.


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