From ‘Spider-Anne’ to crashing through a trampoline: Watch some of the most ridiculous British fails caught on camera

From ‘Spider-Anne’ to crashing through a trampoline: Watch some of the most ridiculous British fails caught on camera

  • Anne Hughes, 71, from Tonteg, was left hanging upside down on store shutters
  • MailOnline explore more of the most hilarious and shocking British fails and falls
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None of us are immune from making an embarrassing error as we go about our day-to-day lives, but the need to extra careful to avoid such blunders has perhaps never been greater.

In a world armed with CCTV, smartphones, Ring doorbells and traffic enforcement cameras, it’s almost impossible to avoid becoming the next viral sensation should you take a rib-tickling tumble or make an absent-minded lapse of judgement.

From falling through a trampoline, to dropping into a garage inspection pit, to being hung upside down by a set of supermarket shutters, all it takes is a split second for a hilarious fail to occur. 

In the blink of an eye, footage of your most humiliating moment can then appear on social media for millions to enjoy a slice of sweet schadenfreude.

Here, MailOnline takes a look at some of the most hysterical fails and slapstick falls experienced by Brits across the nation.

Grandmother ‘Spider-Anne’ hauled in the air by shop shutters 

CCTV footage captured Anne Hughes, 71, stood outside the Best One supermarket in Tonteg, South Wales, just before 8am on Monday when owner Amir Akram arrived to open up.

However, as she stands with her back to the entrance, the bottom of her raincoat was caught on the store shutter.

As it rises, it drags poor Anne up with it, leaving her hanging upside down and desperately grasping for her shopping trolley.

Within moments, the shopkeeper of the store rushes out and unhooks an unharmed Anne before placing her safely back on her feet.

Speaking at her home near the shop, Anne said: ‘I’m telling everyone it’s the shop where prices don’t go up but the staff do.

‘All I could think of at the time was that I hope I don’t fall down flat on my face. I was just stood there when my coat got caught and up I went. I thought flipping heck!’

She added: ‘People say it could happen to anyone, no, it could only happen to me! It’s just lucky I’ve got a good sense of humour.’

Pictured: The woman holds her shopping trolley as she is rotated upside down

Woman disappears into vehicle inspection pit during MOT check

A routine trip to the garage ended in disaster for this woman, who ended up dramatically collapsing down a vehicle inspection pit.

The customer is seen approaching staff working on her Nissan Micra, but appears completely oblivious to the gaping hole in front of her.

Within the blink of an eye, she plunges straight through the gap, scrambling to stay above ground as she falls, while workers quickly rush to her aid. 

MOT centre owner Shaqib said: ‘She was there to get her car fixed. She was hurt but she only had some minor bruises. It was just a funny thing. We were all laughing about it.’

Not realising that the pit was open, the woman can be seen tumbling down the gap

Man falls straight through trampoline and into stagnant water

This is the hilarious moment a man fell straight through his trampoline and into a pool of water, while attempting to get his pet dog to bounce with him.

The blunder, which was captured on a home CCTV camera in Buckingham, involved 26-year-old Charlie Bond running around the garden, before jumping onto the small 15-year-old trampoline.

His pup watches on as he attempts a leap onto his knees – however, the force causes the material to split in half and he quickly disappears into cold water below.

The dog watches on in confusion and his two other pooches also run over for a closer look. Charlie was not hurt – but did get drenched.

Filmed on home CCTV in Buckingham, the funny footage shows Charlie Bond, 26, showing his pooch how fun a trampoline can be

Woman chases her runaway car after forgetting to put handbrake on

Mia Roberts, 24, had parked up outside her house in Bourne, Lincolnshire, following a trip to the supermarket on her way home from work.

The footage shows her calmly walking up to her front door as behind her the white Volkswagen Golf starts to trickle down the road.

The primary school teacher puts a key into the front door and looks around where she then spots the runaway car before breaking out into a gentle jog back up the driveway.

The Golf smashes into four metal barriers and was on course to hit her neighbour’s Mini Cooper before she was able to catch up with it.

She breaks into a gentle jog back up the driveway as she clutches onto her shopping bags to try and catch up with her VW Golf

Workmen lose tug-of-war battle with manhole cover

Laura Staunton, 40, had a Ring doorbell notification that there was movement outside her home in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

But when she clicked on her app it was not the usual postman at the door, instead she saw five men dressed in high-vis men falling over a rope.

The mother-of-three said the bizarre video – which shows the rope snapping under the pressure and the men falling back in a heap – made her ‘burst out laughing’ at work.

The moment the rope snapped sent the bumbling workers spinning in all directions

Woman discovers she’s accidentally washed nan’s ashes

Briley Coates, 30, from Norfolk, was unloading her freshly-cleaned clothes when she spotted a small black bag lying at the bottom of the machine.

After investigating further, she was horrified when she realised the bag contained the ashes of her late grandmother, Shirley. 

The beauty salon owner says she quickly saw the funny side though, exclaiming: ‘I’ve washed my nan!’ and dissolving into giggles.

Briley thinks her cat was playing with the ashes and they fell into the laundry basket by mistake

Grandfather falls into crib with granddaughter

Ramon Aranda was putting two-year-old Lenna to bed, and picked up the toddler, who stared at her feet while sucking on a pacifier, oblivious to what was soon to come.

In hilarious footage captured on a camera in Lenna’s room, Ramon misjudged the distance as he leaned forward, and one of his legs began to lift off the floor.

This was followed by his other leg before all 165 pounds of him went toppling over the side of the crib, his knees narrowly missing Lenna’s face.

Lenna simply watched, motionless, as he pulled himself up, adjusted his glasses and climbed out of the crib. 

As he was placing Lenna in her crib, Aranda fell forward, his knees nearly missing the two-year-old's head

Man falls through ceiling while getting out Christmas decorations

Luke Clarke, 27, and his girlfriend Caitlin Wharfe, 24, decided they wanted to make their home in Northwich, Cheshire, look festive last Christmas. 

To begin with, Caitlin sent Luke upstairs to collect their boxes of decorations which had been packed away in January.

However, their plans went slightly awry when Luke slipped off the side of a beam – causing his foot to go straight through their bedroom ceiling

Pictured: Caitlin couldn't help but erupt into giggles when she saw her partner's foot dangling from their bedroom ceiling yesterday

Hilarious moment father falls off roof while trying to clean windows

Thomas Leather, 29, was trying to clean the skylight in his home extension in November – when he started slipping down the tiles.

Footage shows him grasping for a moment to get his balance before he slides off the roof entirely, bashing into the gutter on the way down. 

The father-of-one – who works as a roofer – luckily emerged unscathed after his tumble.

Thomas Leather, 29, was trying to clean the skylight in his home extension - when he started slipping down the tiles

Woman is locked inside toilet cubicle on her first day at work

For Lola Bridger, 23, disaster struck during an otherwise great first day in her new admin assistant role in London.

At the end of the shift, she made what she thought would be a quick trip to the toilet, only to be left mortified when the door became stuck, leaving her locked from inside

Lola was trapped for half an hour, in footage captured in a TikTok video, before eventually being freed by hero staff members who kicked the door down to save her.

This is the hysterical moment a woman is locked inside a toilet for a whopping 30 minutes, before finally being freed by her colleagues (Pictured: Lola Bridges)

Mother’s new car rolls backward and breaks its doors

Ashleigh Fell, 37, from Lancashire, was searching for her bag in the back of her car when her two daughters were arguing over who could sit in the front seat.

Layla, 12, and Lilly Rose, nine, had been told to stop and behave but they ignored their mum, much to her frustration.

As the argument escalated, Layla attempted to jump over into the back of the car – but in doing so, the she knelt on the handbrake and sent the car rolling backwards with both front doors open.

This caused both doors to break and to knock Lily Rose over and fall into a pile of clothes

Layla, 12, and Lilly Rose, nine, had been told to stop and behave but they ignored their mum, much to her frustration

Woman who went viral by climbing in window speaks on This Morning

Last year, in June, Lisa Rowland became stuck after climbing through her window, and while hanging upside down, her breasts fell out of her strapless dress – as her sister stood watching in fits of laughter.

The woman, from the UK, has now confessed to having urinated on herself while trying to break into her home after accidentally leaving her keys inside. 

‘I weed on my neck, yeah,’ Lisa told This Morning presenters Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary in February. 

Lisa became stuck, and while hanging upside down, her breasts fell out - as her sister stood watching in fits of laughter

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