Many students want to learn more about AI, but schools just don’t have the right tools

Many students want to learn more about AI, but schools just don’t have the right tools

New research by GoStudent has revealed a significant technological gap in European classrooms, including the UK, where only 20% of schools provide access to artificial intelligence learning tools.

The report, which surveyed 1,000 UK parents and children, highlights the emerging trend and how it has reached our youngest generations, who currently feel left behind.

In addition to the more than half (56%) of schoolchildren who want to learn through AI, as many as nine in 10 parents agreed that AI can be an effective educational tool.

AI is set to become more prevalent in the classroom

Compared to Europe (at 40%), the UK lags far behind with only 20% of children getting access to AI learning tools, putting the country in the same position as Spain. France and Italy lag even further behind, at just 10%.

Keen to embrace new digital technologies, half (56%) of the students surveyed consider technology development (including AI, VR and AR) to be a crucial skill going forward, but the digital divide could leave some student unequally equipped for a future job market dominated by technology.

The report notes a decline in interest in the metaverse, with only 53% of students keen on virtual learning, compared with 78% in last year’s survey. GoStudent COO and Co-Founder Gregor Müller explained why: “The decline of interest in the Metaverse may be due to its abstract nature and the slower development of Metaverse-related educational content, compared to other technologies like AI and VR.”

Moreover, GoStudent’s CEO and Co-Founder, Felix Ohswald, emphasized the collective responsibility to prepare the next generation for success: “We owe it to students to equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in an ever-evolving world, and we must take measures now to ensure no child is left behind.”

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