Tiny NYC Nolita studio with crazy location for shower and stove hits the market – and you won’t believe the monthly rent!

Tiny NYC Nolita studio with crazy location for shower and stove hits the market – and you won’t believe the monthly rent!

  • A studio apartment with a bizarre layout is located in New York’s Nolita
  • The home features a shower behind the front door and a stove in the middle of the kitchen
  • Social media users suggested the landlord should be ‘jailed’ for his suggested monthly rent price

A tiny home with a layout dubbed ‘New York City‘s worst’ has sparked outrage online after the rent price was revealed. 

The bizarre studio in the Big Apple’s Nolita neighborhood boasts several unique but entirely undesirable features, including a half-finished shower located immediately behind the front door.

The unusual setup continues into the kitchen which is located less than a meter away and where a stove has been plopped randomly in front of a counter top.

The 232 Elizabeth Street unit’s bathroom, meanwhile, consists of just a tiny toilet – with no light, sink or mirror.

To make matters worse, the shabby apartment is being listed at a whopping $3,495 per month. 

The bizarre property features a half-finished shower located immediately behind the front door

The kitchen is located less than a meter away and features a stove plopped randomly at the end of a counter top

Video footage from inside the horror show reveals how prospective tenants open the front door onto the shower, located behind a glass brick wall.

Inside, the shower is missing several tiles and paint can be seen peeling from the walls.

A refrigerator is located just a few steps away along with the oddly-placed stove, making up what the listing refers to as the ‘modern kitchen.’

Photos from the ad show how the cooking appliance was previously house within countertops that appear to have since been stripped away.

Realtors described the apartment on StreetEasy as ‘charming’ and list ‘high ceilings, exposed brick and hardwood floors’ among its features.

‘You cannot beat this block! Conveniently located to the best shopping and restaurants New York City has to offer,’ the listing states. 

However, social media users have been quick to disagree ever since it was posted by David Okocha on his @ocr_realty account.

One user wrote: ‘This one actually gets me mad. They should not be allowed to get away with that. 

The only other room is a tiny toilet which does not have a light, sink or mirror

The apartment is located at 232 Elizabeth Street in the Big Apple's Nolita neighborhood

A StreetEasy listing describes the unit as 'charming' and well-located

The property is being rented for $3,495 a month

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Social media users roasted the property after video of the apartment was posted online

‘Hopefully the landlord gets reported for violations and he is forced to update that crappy apartment and the rest of them that are attached to it. It’s shameful.’

‘$3495 for a roach motel,’ another added.

‘Jail for everyone involved,’ one person wrote.

‘That price doesn’t leave much leftover for therapy because of the depression you’ll get for living here,’ another said. 

Okocha agreed, stating it was the ‘worst design layout in an apartment’ he had ever seen.

‘I don’t even know who designed this place, it’s just weird,’ he said in the video. 

‘When I first saw it, I thought I was in the wrong apartment and it was being remodeled. I thought there’s no way they’re going to market this apartment,” he told the New York Post.

‘Everything was just a very tight squeeze. I can imagine, especially if you have guests over, it’s not going to work out if you have to squish everyone in the main studio space.’

Despite this, Okocha believes the apartment will still be snapped up due to its location.


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