War erupts over UK beaches & tourist hotspots as ‘idiot’ Instagrammers disrespect Stonehenge & spark chaos at Snowdon

War erupts over UK beaches & tourist hotspots as ‘idiot’ Instagrammers disrespect Stonehenge & spark chaos at Snowdon

‘IDIOT’ influencers are invading British beaches and tourist hot spots, including Stonehenge and Snowdon.

Infuriated locals have declared war on TikTokkers and Instagrammers who descended on picturesque sites and quiet coastal communities to pose for selfies and shoot videos.

A woman touched Stonehenge as she was chased
A woman touched Stonehenge as she was chasedCredit: kevintnorman TikTok
A couple struggled to climb to Arthur's Seat
A couple struggled to climb to Arthur’s SeatCredit: stells_press TikTok
They were inspired by Netflix show One Day
They were inspired by Netflix show One DayCredit: stells_press TikTok
Tourists clogged up the route on Snowdonia
Tourists clogged up the route on SnowdoniaCredit: kemp.life TikTok

However, many are said to be leaving behind piles of rubbish and disrespecting monuments, while fights break out over parking and queuing.

One clip shows a woman evading security to touch the stones at Stonehenge.

Others were seen signing their social media handles on a Cornwall beach, while also climbing on an abandoned tank in Ramshaw.

Meanwhile, residents in the Canary Islands in Spain are also demanding a crackdown on Brit tourists, with graffiti saying: “Tourists go home.”

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In response, visitors appear to be daubing their own messages, including: “F*** off, we pay your wages.”

During the Easter Bank Holiday, tourists saw their cars being towed by police after parking illegally at Snowdon.

Fights also allegedly broke out with the congestion caused by queues up the mountain.

Photos show cars blocking pavements and trucks dragging vehicles out of the way.

Most read in The Sun

North Wales Police said 29 vehicles parked near Llyn Ogwen and another nine in Pen y Pass at the bottom of Snowdon were removed on Good Friday.


Traffic Wales said the A5 was closed near Ogwen Cottage outdoor pursuits centre due to the huge amount of cars being towed.

Posting on X with a photo of vehicles on both sides of the mountain road, police said: “Please park responsibly on the roads and avoid obstructing emergency vehicles. Blocking their way could lead to serious consequences.

“Let’s be considerate of our fellow road users in need and make way for emergency services. Your cooperation can save lives!”

A fuming local then posted a TikTok video with the words: “Idiot tourists showing up in Snowdonia again! How some people get through life is beyond me.”

One TikToker shared further footage and said: “There is no allocated queue for Snowdon. 

“People choose to queue of their own accord. There is no one telling you that you have to queue.

“People think it’s really against the rules to join an imaginary queue. It’s not Thorpe Park, it’s a mountain.”


  1. Kew Gardens, London
  2. New Forest, Hampshire 
  3. Ullswater Lake, Lake District       
  4. St James’s Park, London
  5. Richmond Park, London
  6. The North York Moors, York       
  7. Greenwich Park, London              
  8. York City Walls, York
  9. York Minster, York
  10. Castle Howard and Yorkshire Arboretum, York   

Another user shared snaps of a woman who allegedly disrespected Stonehenge, writing: “You’re not supposed to approach or touch Stonehenge, but this woman walked over the fence and proceeded to touch it while blatantly ignoring workers and security demanding she stop.”

Another couple filmed themselves climbing Arthur‘s Seat in Edinburgh, inspired by Netflix show One Day.

Cars also clogged up the Peak District, with one person writing it “has all gone too far”, claiming there was dirty nappies and litter strewn around.

And rubbish was also reportedly dumped at abandoned 19th-century Gaewern slate mine near Corris Uchaf in Gwynedd, south Wales.

Volunteer Anthony Taylor, 42, said aspiring influencers are “killing” the historic mine, after a YouTube video went viral in 2018.

He told the BBC: “Instagram seems to be the killer of a lot of things. People turn up, take a picture and then leave – it’s just disgusting, really sad and disheartening.”

Last summer, a Cornish waitress was praised for how she handled a seemingly abusive TikToker on holiday in St Ives, reported CornwallLive.


Chelsea Lee Art acted in an aggressive manner towards the waitress before going on to make a recording in which she says she “doesn’t give a sh*t what you people in Cornwall are saying” adding that she’s doing way better than everyone in Cornwall put together.

A 21 second clip recorded in a St Ives restaurant and posted two days ago shows a polite waitress saying “all we’ve done is be nice to you”, before Chelsea Lee Art replies “your food’s terrible. You don’t know nothing about me bitch. I’ll never come back the food is terrible.”

The waitress then, again politely, asks the TikTok star not to return.


The same news outlet has also compiled photos showing two dozen times cars and other vehicles have got stuck on beaches in Cornwall.

These include an AA van which got wedged in the sand on Porth Beach in June 2022.

A row broke out on Snowdonia
A row broke out on SnowdoniaCredit: taylorbloor_ TikTok
Traffic snaking along the Peak District
Traffic snaking along the Peak DistrictCredit: sturgelucy TikTok


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